Best Practices for Launching a Guest Blogging Outreach Campaign

By Alex Katzen | Jul 8, 2013
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I posted not too long ago on the 4 reasons you should be guest blogging. Now that you know why you should be guest blogging, it’s important to understand the best practices for getting your guest blogging outreach campaign up and rolling.

With any outreach campaign, it’s always imperative to plan your outreach measures accordingly. Decide who you want to reach out to and glean the appropriate information for each contact. Make sure you’re looking for the most relevant bloggers for your topic, by actually reading their blogs to determine if it’s a good fit.

  • Look at their tags and categories to get a quick glimpse into the topics they write about.
  • Do a search on their blog for your topic to find out if they’ve already written posts about your topic.
  • Look for any different angles you could possibly pitch that will make it more appealing to the blogger.

Make sure to introduce yourself and your credentials to the blogger if you don’t already know him or her. This is a good time to prove yourself- what makes you the best candidate for guest blogging?


If you’re going for a smaller campaign, consider using blogger outreach tools to locate blogs and websites that would be appropriate for your selected topic. For larger campaigns, there are helpful sites that connect writers with sources, like:

Once you’re ready to launch the outreach campaign, create detailed messages for each contact.  Make sure you have your guest post ready to go before outreach. This helps speed up the process of publishing the post. Also, there’s no need to send the guest post in the initial outreach message; rather, mention the topic to entice the blogger and give specific reasons why your post topic would be relevant to them.

When your post gets published, it’s time to promote it. Be careful with linking to the post too much on your website, because it may water down the power of those links – so consider linking to it 2 or 3 times maximum. Opt for social sharing through Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit (and any other social media sites that deem relevant). Pay attention to your post’s comment section, so to stay active in responding.

And just like that, your guest blog has brought you more leads!


Are you a fan of guest blogging? Any tips? Feel free to tweet me at @alex_katzen.

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