Best Week Ever: Facebook Analytics, KnowEm & Social Good

By Renee Revetta | Jan 22, 2010
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Read on for an overview of this week’s social media happenings.  The rundown: Facebook analytics, Twitter growth slowing, KnowEm acquires, YouTube updates and social good continues in the movement to repair Haiti.

Facebook upgrade: Post analytics

Two recent Facebook developments such as post analytics and real time ad targeting based on status update were revealed earlier this week. Now, page administrators will be able to determine the level of engagement and number of impressions for each post. On Thursday, post analytics went live and are rolling out to administrators as we speak.

It’s a minor upgrade but it presents a ton of value and it’s something that the competing service, Twitter, doesn’t provide for brands.

Instead of guessing, Facebook marketers will be able to alter their posts and better plan for the future after checking out the analytics. As All Facebook mentioned, this is something that Twitter hasn’t attempted.

Ad targeting upgrades have yet to go live, but All Facebook reported that the real time ad capability will target Facebook users based on status updates with a time-frame filter option.

With these developments, it leaves marketers with more to chew on. Facebook, which provides analytics or sans-analytics Twitter.  The situation isn’t black and white, but regardless, I’d bet marketers are leaning (more than ever) toward Facebook.

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Will Twitter step up?

Maybe Twitter should check out Facebook more closely as Twitter growth is slowing…

In October 2009, Twitter’s growth rate had fallen to 3.5%. On a positive note, though, the average active user on Twitter today is more engaged than six months ago.

…and Facebook use continues to grow…

Overall, growth appears to have continued at around the same rate as before: Nearly 5 million users joined the site in December, pushing the total from 98.1 million monthly active users (MAU) to nearly 103 million MAU. The previous two months saw increases of around 4 million apiece.

More engagement between existing Twitter users may not be a bad thing. But there are still so many improvements the company needs to consider before competing with Facebook in mainstream usage.

Knowem acquires already redirects to, so I’m going to assume the deal is final!  Owning your brand’s online presence isn’t one of those fads that disappeared when 2009 finished up. A Media Post article includes a statement from founder of KnowEm, Barry Wise:

Much like with domain names, there’s now a race to create identities in social media. But managing identities in social media is far more complex than securing a domain name.

It certainly is a race. With new social networks popping up daily, brands need to stay on top of things so they don’t get brandjacked.

YouTube making moves

Today, five Sundance feature films are available to rent on YouTube. And announced yesterday on the YouTube blog, a selection of Sundance short films are now available for free. Keep and eye on YouTube as they release more feature films for rentals in the near future.  And check this out:

That’s why tonight, in partnership with a variety of media companies, we’re live-streaming “Hope for Haiti Now,” a benefit concert for earthquake relief. Hosted by George Clooney, Wyclef Jean and Anderson Cooper, the event will feature performances by Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Shakira, U2, Coldplay, Taylor Swift and many more.

Social Good

A mobile phone is all you need to make a difference in Haiti.  PBS reports that the Red Cross’ text messaging has raised over “$21 million for the relief effort.”  Digiday Daily wrote:

Preliminary analysis of data shows that Twitter posts (“micro-blogs”) are the leading source of discussion about the quake, followed by online video, blogs and other online boards/forums.

Let’s help the giving continue and keep those of Haiti in our thoughts and prayers.

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