Best Week Ever: Haiku, Hovercards & Foursquare Help

By Renee Revetta | Feb 5, 2010
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Best Week EverImage by macwagen via Flickr

The rundown of this week’s social media events…

The new press release: Twitter Haiku

OK I’m sure you’ve all heard about it by now, but this week, Sun Microsystem’s Chief Executive, Jonathan Schwartz, quit by tweeting a haiku.

1. It’s liberation for all other Fortune 200 bosses to just up and resign in 140 characters.
2. It’s a revolutionary use of haiku (bet his middle school English teachers are proud).

New Facebook Ad Layout

Be on the lookout for overall Facebook UI updates, and among those, Facebook is also changing the layout and design of ads.  Advertisements will increase from a maximum of 3 ads to 5 ads per page and their current vertical format will switch to a horizontal one. The increase to 5 ads per page leaves advertisers wondering about positioning information.

Google’s self-serve advertisement system for example, provides information about the average position that your ad is being displayed. Facebook in contrast provides less information about ad positioning.

IMHO Facebook should emulate Google and provide advertisers with more information. With 400 million users, more advanced ad feedback would make advertisers very happy. If you’re an advertiser, check out your ad data to see if this affects your campaigns once it rolls out.

New Hovercard feature

Twitter recently announced hovercards, which will give users a preview of Twitter user information without having to click through to profiles.  According to Twitter’s blog, we’ll be able to “hover” over usernames and see user location, full name and follow options. The feature will eventually be enabled for all users.

YouTube’s trial run

As I wrote about a few weeks ago, YouTube experimented with movie rentals.  From Mashable:

Last month YouTube made its first foray into movie rentals – five films from the Sundance Film Festival – and according to The New York Times, the total revenue from those five films amounted to only $10,709.16.

With more mainstream videos available for rental, maybe it could work. We’ll have to see.

Foursquare Help

This week, I saw some confusion on Twitter about security concerns for women that use the application. Be safe, just like on every other social networking site, and use good judgment when accepting friend requests. I spoke with Foursquare reps this week, and they validated that ONLY FRIENDS can see your check ins. The things everyone can see are your mayorships, friends and badges.

Maybe because of this confusion some have decided to not take part in Foursquare.  Instead they’ve created #nosquare and #fauxsquare.

Any other events I should have included? Leave ‘em below or find me @reneerevetta

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