Best Week Ever: Haiti, Conan & China

By Renee Revetta | Jan 15, 2010
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From helping Haiti, to NBC’s late night troubles, to the Google vs. China debacle, read on for the highlights of this week in the world of social media.

HaitiPowering the Haiti recovery effort

The Red Cross coordinated a text messaging campaign to allow Americans to donate $5 or $10 to assist with the Haiti efforts. Social media has enabled this campaign to be a tremendous success.

Awareness has spread, and, “a help engine,” is now being used for sharing updates about those missing in Haiti.

Help Haiti is a trending topic on Twitter, and last night donations reached $5 million. The latest figure I’ve seen is $8 million.


For those that ask, does anything good come from Twitter? I think I’ve answered your question.

Few use Twitter location feature

Gowalla, Foursquare, Loopt and Brightkite all were geo before Twitter could get a chance. Was Twitter too late to join the geolocation party? A Syscomos study reports that “only a paltry 0.23 percent of 10 million tweets Sysomos looked at this week were tagged with their locations.” foursquareNow that Foursquare is open to everyone, those that want to share their location may be choosing Foursquare over Twitter. And Foursquare just keeps growing. A Microsoft mobile version of Foursquare is in the works.

Google: Tweet rankings and China

Low blow, Google. Do you really think ranking according to follower count is a good idea? Cue the “pay for followers” scams, please. Here’s hoping that Google revises this practice.

Also this week, Google threatens to leave China.

“The move, coming after assaults from hackers on its computer systems, would be a highly unusual rebuke of China by a large and respected company.”

Cowell quits Idol

Ellen DeGeneres, new Idol judge spoke about the development,

So this just happened, Simon Cowell just announced that he’s leaving ‘Idol.’ This will be his last season. He announced he’s leaving on my first day. I’m trying not to take it personally,” she said. “…I wish him all the luck in the world hosting ‘The Tonight Show,’ ” said DeGeneres, referring to widespread speculation about how NBC will resolve its issues with its late-night talk shows.

Speaking of late-night TV…

From what I’ve seen, most people are on the “Conan Team” saying he’s schooling NBC with his brilliant PR moves. Here’s Conan’s statement regarding NBC’s request to push the Tonight Show to 12:05 for the Jay Leno Show at 11:35. Oh, and in case you’re looking to buy the Tonight Show, it’s on Craigslist.

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