Live from #ConvCon Chicago 2014 – More Leads, Sales & Engagement: Your Email Optimization Action Plan

By Jenny Knizner | Jun 17, 2014
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Hunter Boyle Conversion ConferencePresented by Hunter Boyle, Senior Business Development Manager, AWeber

Hunter Boyle goes beyond email optimization alone, briefly touching on landing page testing ideas as well. In case you missed the session, here’s some notes from his session during the first morning of Conversion Conference 2014 in Chicago.

We need to rethink the sales funnel

Email started out of direct mail. Because we focus so much on our needs and sales goals, we typically forget our customers’ needs. It’s the same with optimization:

It’s not optimization if we…

  • provide average value comported to other sources
  • don’t listen closely to our audience
  • keep “blasting” list names on our own timelines
  • produce crappy content

1. Respect the Inbox

Relevance and engagement is being factored into email delivery with most agents now, so it’s our job to make sure the emails are actually valuable to the customer. Make every email a gift and make sure your timing is in place.

2. Ooze Relevance, WIIFM

Every time you receive an irrelevant email, you wonder how many more irrelevant emails you’re going to continue to get.

3. Don’t Become a Nuisance

Accept that some people aren’t a good fit for your email. Don’t be afraid to opt people out or unsubscribe leads who haven’t engaged in a while. If you send this kind of email, you show respect for people’s time and inbox. You may find that people will reengage if you show them this respect.

4. Invite and Apply Feedback

Be friendly and relatable. By asking for feedback, using a simple, short survey, you can generate thousands of real replies that drive content, copy, offers, and growth. Social Triggers was able to grow their list over 3 times in 2 years by sending a survey in their welcome email, asking what type of company their customer works for, what that company does and what they should know about them.

5. Test Methodically

Refine Your Testing Strategy

Choose a methodology, and take a process-driven approach to your optimization.

Optimizing Landing/Site Pages, Forms

Keys to entice more visitors to subscribe or buy:

  • Proximity and path: Placement of CTAs in your content
  • Disruption: Content interruptions and overlays
  • Incentive: Powerful offers, giveaways and bonuses

Testing Ideas

  • Including links to a short survey/pool in welcome email or minimum viable product (MVP) poll, registration forms
  • Multichannel: social, chat, PPC
  • Create an email series
  • Clarity, Calls to Action, Tone
  • Cancels: include an exit survey when people unsubscribe
  • Disruptive forms

Checklists & Takeaways

3 Keys to Engagement

  1. What is my primary goal with this landing page/email?
  2. Will readers find it relevant, actionable and exceptional?
  3. What problem does it solve? What is the value/WIIFM?

3 Key Considerations

  1. Relevance: is the content/offer topic compelling? Timely?
  2. Copy: voice, style, length? Personality? Spelling?
  3. Design: does it look professional? Is it mobile-friendly?

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