Conversion Tactics for SEO & SEM (Part 1 of 2)

By Lauren Kade | Sep 21, 2011
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A few weeks back, I attended a great webinar entitled “From Click-Through-Rate to Conversion Rate: Conversion Tactics for SEO & SEM.”  Even though I’m a little behind in my coverage, they presented such great information that I had to share it!  The first section of the webinar is presented by Erez Barak, the VP of Products and Co-Founder at Optify.

The Background

In 2006, AOL leaked organic CTR data, which went on to become used throughout the industry to justify SEO efforts.  However, there hasn’t really been a substantive study about organic CTR since.  Therefore, the bright people at Optify decided to do their own study.

The Study

  • 250 sites used as a sample
  • 10,000 keywords were analyzed
  • 1.2 million clicks
  • filtered by search volume, cost, and rank criteria
  • only analyzed the first two pages of search results

The Results

  • 37% of the CTR went to the first organic result
  • 60% went to the top three results
  • there was a slight bump in CTR for the 11th ranking (first result on the second page)
  • CTR on page one overall was 8.9%
  • CTR on page two overall was 1.5%


After doing the study, the team concluded that it was most beneficial to focus on moving keywords to the first page.  Additionally, it further proved that ranking after page two has very little value.

The team also looked at the CTR of cheaper keywords (low cost-per-click or CPC) versus more expensive keywords.  They found that cheaper terms yield double the CTR on the first page and therefore, your potential organic traffic is nearly three times greater, compared to a more expensive term.

The last thing the team analyzed was the value of optimizing for long tail keywords with less search volume or head keywords, with at least 1,000 monthly searches.  They found that if you’re optimizing for long tail keywords, you can get a decent CTR pretty much anywhere on the first page.  For head keywords, you won’t see huge benefits in CTR until you get to the top few positions.

Key Takeaways

  • focus on page one first, then on attaining the first position
  • choose your target keywords wisely
  • measure success with the right metrics (what is your main goal?)
  • get a lot of long tail keywords to page one
  • keep updated (SEO can change daily, so make sure you’re up to date on the best practices)

Stay tuned for my post on the second half of the webinar, where I will cover 5 Quick Tips to Increase Lead Volume as presented by Tim Ash, the CEO of SiteTuners.  To watch the webinar in it’s entirety, you can view it on Optify’s website

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