Did You Know You Can Edit Your Google Professionals Search Result Listing?

By Paige Payne | Dec 29, 2009
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After reading Barry Schwartz’s recent post, “Google Launches AdWords Professionals Search,” on how the beta tool lets you search for certified AdWords professionals based on location and budget, I had try the tool for myself to see what the Professionals Search beta is all about.

I must admit my first impression of the tool was not the best as a result of the quality of some initial searches and lack of understanding of the tool itself.  For example I went to the Google Professionals Search beta homepage, entered a random weekly estimated budget of $20,000 and left the default setting of “Ongoing account management services” for the Type of AdWords Help.  My search result was as follows:


Google algorithm errors among the top results of advertising professionals?:

  • Appearing in the number 2 spot was the company Walt Disney World with the description reading “Keith Henry”.  While I’m sure Disney has its own large PPC spend, I’m not convinced that they are taking on PPC clients.
  • Say I was interested in contacting the company, or rather Keith Henry, for ongoing account management services.. the only method a searcher can use in order to contact a company listed in the professionals search results is by the website listed on its profile.  When I clicked on this particular profile, the website listed in the “Qualified Company Details” section is http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/ ..the actual Walt Disney World Homepage.

It seems as though the biggest contributing factor to the quality of the Advertising Professionals tool may be the profile data as supplied by individual advertisers themselves.

If you are a Google Certified Advertising Professional and you have a My Client Center and want to see or edit your listing, you can do so by visiting the Google Advertising Professionals Program page.  On this page you will be prompted to sign into your MCC account.  Once logged in, click the “profile” tab found in the column on the left side of the page.  Not only does this page gives you general profile information, it allows you the ability  to “opt in” or “opt out” of Professionals Search, make any desired edits, as well as view your own Google Advertising Professionals Profile page.

For more information about Google Advertising Professionals Search from a Client Managers perspective click here.

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