How Digital Marketing is Like the Avengers

By Blaine Anderson | Apr 8, 2014
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I love digital marketing. I’m also a big superhero fan! (Confession: I never read the comics, but I have spent far too many hours researching comic book characters on Wikipedia…Whew! I’m glad I got that off my chest!) Naturally I’ve been enjoying all of the Marvel movies that have been released in recent years. One of the things I like to do is draw parallels between the different things I enjoy, and one thing I’ve noticed and have been thinking about is how similar each member of the Avengers team is to different aspects of digital marketing. So in honor of the release of the latest Captain America movie, and the next Avengers movie coming soon, I figured I would share a few of these thoughts about how digital marketing is like the Avengers.

Iron Man

iron-manFirst off, digital marketing is all about technology, just like Iron Man. As Iron Man continues to push the limits of what technology can do, he becomes stronger, and more capable of saving the day.

Digital marketers use technology to their advantage as well, and indeed it’s an essential part of our job every day. Technology is changing rapidly, and every year new opportunities to reach consumers and target audiences arise, and new ways to collect data are created. Because of this, digital marketers must be tech-savvy. We either have to keep up with technology or we get left behind. The more data we have, and the more tech-savvy we are, the more capable we are of achieving our goals.

Thor & Loki

thor-lokiThor and Loki are two brothers trying to accomplish the same thing: becoming king. Loki tries to become king through deception and trickery. Thor, on the other hand, tries to earn it by focusing on his faults and improving them.

Similarly, white-hat and black-hat SEO are two different tactics for accomplishing the same thing: getting a website found by a lot of people in Google. Black-Hat SEO focuses on trying to “game the system” in order to rank well in Google for their desired search terms. Techniques include link spamming, low-quality guest blogging, and keyword stuffing. White-Hat SEO focuses on strategies such as improving the quality of the content on a website and obtaining high-quality, natural, inbound links.


hulkThe Hulk has to be constant control of his emotions. If he drops his guard and loses his cool, watch out! Like the Hulk, digital marketers have to be vigilant with all of their ad campaigns. One incorrect setting, one poor keyword choice, or one extra “0” in a budget could lead to a lot of damage being done very quickly. Digital marketers have to monitor their campaigns very closely to make sure they are spending their marketing budget in the wisest way possible.

Captain America

Captain-AmericaIn the recent movies, Captain America’s character was frozen in the Arctic for nearly 70 years, from the time of World War II to modern day. He woke up to a radically changed culture, a lot of new technology, and military that didn’t operate the way he was used to. While this left him confused and unsure of his place in society, that didn’t change his mission: to protect people’s freedom and liberty.

With all due respect to traditional marketers, digital marketing is the (not-so-new) new way to do marketing. Traditional marketing has its place, but more and more companies are shifting their budgets to digital media, and traditional marketers are trying to adjust. Understandably, things like social media, Google AdWords, analytics, and marketing automation can be a lot to take in. And with the industry changing so frequently, it can seem like a daunting task to catch up. However, don’t let that discourage you from your mission of being a good marketer and meeting the needs of your customers.

Can you think of any other parallels that I missed? Feel free to leave a comment below or find me on Twitter! @BlaineAAnderson 

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