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By Amanda Sides | Feb 4, 2011
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The speaker for this mobile marketing session was Christina Kerley, B2B Marketing Specialist at CKB2B Marketing. Follow her on Twitter at @cksays.

First things first, I want to say I loved this session.  I think an interactive presentation is genius.  Mobile usage is continually growing, and there seems to be no end in sight.  I am even downloading apps mentioned either in the presentation slides or by others in the room, while blogging, texting, and not missing a beat.

Although so many people are going mobile, it is still a very new frontier for business marketing. It’s great to have all of these great minds in the same room to share information that they have from their own experiences, as well as ask questions that others may be able to answer for them.

After a good background rundown on the mobile market, Christina opened the floor up for questions.  The discussion revolved around various technical and creative questions, and then the subject turned to MaryKay mobile opportunities.  So many people in the room jumped in and it turned into a MaryKay mobile brainstorming session.  Ideas for apps and new mobile content for social sharing were flying all over the place.  It was a fantastic informational session that turned into idea-sharing from everyone in attendance.

A little background on the Mobile market…

Over half of the planet is currently mobile (5 billion mobile subscriptions!). When you think about how many people watched the Saints in the Super Bowl (106.5 million) and even the number of people who are on Facebook (700 million), and how much money is spent advertising in those channels, why wouldn’t you tap into that huge mobile market.

Everyone is mobile.  Rich or poor, young or old.  Even Barbie has an iPhone now.

New research has been released stating that you have 2 seconds to captivate people on their mobile device.  2 seconds. Soon it will be even less time than that. Everyone’s time is becoming more and more valuable, we don’t want to take a long time to search around a website on our Droids and iPhones. We work and live simulataneously; we want to get as much done as humanly possible in the shortest amount of time.

A few stats:

  • 240% increase in US social network app access year over year.
  • 60% increase in the amount of mobile internet usage spent on social networking.

The tablet revolution is also considered in the significant growth of mobile.  It seems that everyday a new tablet is launched.  More and more people are going mobile as we speak.

Optimizing Your Site for Mobile

You have to keep in mind that when someone looks at your site on their mobile phone, they should have a different experience than when they browse your site on their desktop computer.

The mobile screen is smaller… that does NOT mean make everything on your site smaller.  That is a mistake that a lot of marketers make when designing a mobile version of their site or designing a mobile app.  Since it is a completely different experience, you should be sure to have a fast-loading site/app, make it simple and easy to navigate, and the buttons should be bigger. People are using your finger instead of a mouse.  As mentioned before, you have about 2 seconds to captivate your mobile visitors. Keep this in mind when designing your mobile site or app.

Do You Have an App For That?

Develop your app around making the life of your user easier. Don’t create one just to create one. Make something easier for your user, and also be profitable for your company.

“Apps have far more functionality than mobile web sites, but they have to be developed for each mobile operating system.” Christina points out that you have to develop an app that serves up correctly for each type of mobile OS. Although the iPhone is most likely a focus in the U.S., if you market globally, don’t forget about Nokia. The Nokia Siemens network should be the first OS that you develop if you are targeting a global market.

When to Go Mobile

Today. Christina recommends going mobile as soon as you possibly can.  Even if you only have a small portion of your customers utilizing your site on mobile devices, you should get ahead of that curve, so that you have established a presence before they move there.

And with that, to quote Christina, we are as “done as dinner.”

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