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By Catherine Potts | May 14, 2009
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That Ann Smarty! She’s a smart gal! Loren Baker and Ann started a blog called Daily SEO Tip. In her May 5th (yes I know, so last week) she discussed several tools that help evaluate multiple sites at once.

The first is Majestic SEO and it provides a handy dandy graph with which to compare. To compare more than two sites, you’ll need to register. For the sake of of this article, I’ve compared a couple of entertainment sites:

External backlink discovery:

This tool is showing the backlinks to these two sites by month. You can see that depending on what Lindsay or Paris were up to, the spikes for ran along a similar path with always showing as the strongest site. According to SEO for Firefox ranks with a PR 6 and with a PR 7. (Don’t forget that SEO for Firefox can also point out the NoDoFollows on a page.)

This tool gives a great picture of site visibility over the course of time. Pretty cool!

Cumulative View:


Ann also mentions SEO Quake for comparing sites but at the time of this post, I couldn’t get it to work for me.

Let us not forget Link Diagnosis. This site gives single site information but includes anchor text information, a graph showing distribution of link types (nofollow, good etc…) All the data is from Yahoo! Site Explorer and is downloadable by .csv file.

If you’ve not used any SEOmoz tools, run along and do so. A bunch of tools, all held in the same place. To use some of them, you have to become a member but it’s worth it to just mess around and see what you can find out. Free tools are held in the SEOmoz toolkit.

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