Remarketing to Your Email Lists Using Facebook Custom Audiences

By Matt Weltz | Jan 14, 2015
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Get Found on FacebookIf you are trying to reach your existing customers, odds are pretty good that you can find most of them on Facebook. In fact, according to a recent Pew Research Report, 71% of all American internet users are now on Facebook. The question then becomes, how can I find my current customers on Facebook to grow my company page’s follower numbers or advertise new offerings to them? Recently, one of Marketing Mojo’s B2C clients approached us with just such a request. The simple answer: remarketing on Facebook with Custom Audiences, which allows you to show ads to visitors to your website. However, Facebook offers a unique feature that some other platforms do not: remarketing to an existing customer base by using their email addresses.

What is Facebook’s Email Targeting?

Facebook’s email targeting is a feature within Custom Audiences that allows you to remarket to Facebook users whose Facebook registration emails match email addresses you provide. So, if you have a list of emails for customers, or even subscribers who have not purchased yet, you can simply paste them into (or upload an Excel file to) the Create a Custom Audience section of Facebook Ads Manager (pictured below). You will then be able to show ads specifically to the custom audiences you create from your email lists.

Facebook Custom Audience Customer ListCustom Audience Email Remarketing

I Can Upload Emails, Now What?

First of all, can you segment your email list by interests, demographics, conversion action, or otherwise? If the answer is yes, then in addition to making a catch-all audience, you should create smaller, segmented Custom Audiences so you can target your content only to the most relevant audiences. For our client, we were able to segment audiences by their self-identified interests they wanted to receive information about. Then we targeted specific types of offerings to the most relevant Custom Audiences. For example, for one ad promoting horse care products, we were able to show ads only to Custom Audiences that had self-identified as interested in horses. The results were noticeably higher click-through and conversion rates compared to a standard campaign that used more general interest targeting.

What About Increasing Page Likes?

In addition to taking people directly to your website, you may want to acquire Facebook page followers so they will see your posts on your company page. To achieve this, you can run a general branded ad promoting your page to anyone in your email list that is on Facebook but isn’t already a fan of your site (an option when creating the ads). Since these people are more than likely already familiar with your site, or even current customers, they tend to be far more willing to like your page than someone who is completely unfamiliar with your brand.

Facebook Promote Your Page

Facebook Targeting Only People Not Connected to You

While we’re still compiling data, the results so far from remarketing to email lists using Facebook Custom Audiences have been very promising. My advice to anyone considering experimenting with Custom Audiences is to give remarketing to current email lists a try. All the tools you need to run a successful Facebook remarketing campaign may already be in your possession.

Have you experimented with remarketing to your email lists on Facebook using Custom Audiences? What kind of results did you see? Comment below or tweet me @El_Mattador101.

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