Facebook Feature: Customize Your Business Page Status Updates

By Renee Revetta | Sep 1, 2011
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For local business, international or state-specific companies, this post will explain how to customize your Business Facebook Page status updates to your local markets. International companies can use some of the targeting explained – like language options, to appeal to the proper customers at the right time. Later in the post there are also some general best practices for getting the most out of your link sharing on Facebook – so stick around.

Step 1:

To begin, login to Facebook and navigate to your Business Page. Click on the Status textbox to reveal the options, “Public” and “Share”.

Step 2:

Click on the “Public” dropdown menu for the following options to appear: Public or Customize.

Step 3:

Choose “Customize” and Location and Languages textboxes will appear.

For this example, I’ll type “United States” into the Location box. From there you can specify if you’d like your update to appear to a certain state or city.

If I were Cappellino’s Crazy Cakes of Charlottesville (a delicious cupcake bakery on the Downtown Mall), I’d probably only need my “daily special” updates to appear to Charlottesville residents. So here, I’ll type in Charlottesville, VA.

Now that the targeting is set, a few tips for sharing links.

When you paste your link into the textbox, be sure to check out the bold title area. Many people don’t know that you can click on this text and edit it. This text becomes the Facebook anchor text and a link to your content, so be sure to try and incoporate relevant SEO keywords to this area, when possible. (You should try to incoporate SEO keywords into your blog post titles anyway.)


Next, you can also edit the description of the link – the small text beneath the link URL. Be sure to clarify what your link would provide to your readers . If appropriate feel free to add more of a marketing message here. You also have the actual Status textbox to write additional messaging.

With limited resources and a constantly growing inbox, it’s important for marketers, small businesses owners and community managers to get the most out of each Facebook status update. Let me know if you have any questions either below in the comments or on Twitter @ReneeRevetta.



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