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By Sarah Lokitis | Oct 17, 2011
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Earlier this month, we mentioned some of the new Facebook changes  including Timeline, Friend groups and a couple tweaks to Facebook advertising. In the past few weeks, Facebook has continued to announce many changes to its interface, reporting system, ad and API structure. Some of the changes have already been implemented, but a few are still on their way.

Community managers and Facebook marketers alike may have noticed they have the option to view old Insights or the new and improved Insights tool.

With the improved Insights tool, Pages are able to:

  • See the reach of their posts on Facebook, not limited to their Facebook fans
  • See weekly total reach of a Page, total Likes, Friends of Fans number, public and internal Pages metric and “Talking About This”
  • See what content is reaching the most people on Facebook and data to increase the virility of the posts, photos, videos, questions

What is exciting about the new Reach features are that you can now see HOW you reached people. Set up in a calendar you can highlight Organic, Paid and Viral Reach. If you are doing an ad campaign, this is especially interesting because you can see how your ads drove traffic.

“Talking About This” measures user interaction with your fan Page and gauges word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing. On the “Talking About This” tab, demographics are provided answering the question “Who is Talking About Your Page”? In addition, Facebook now shows “How People Are Talking About Your Page” providing information on the number of unique people who created a story about your Page and the viral reach of those stories.

The “stories” that impact “Talking About This” are:

  • Liking a Page
  • Posting on a Page wall
  • Liking, commenting on, or sharing a Page post
  • Liking videos, photos or albums
  • Answering a Page question
  • RSVPing to an event
  • Mentioning a Page in a post
  • Phototagging a Page
  • Liking or sharing a Check-In Deal or checking in at a place

A new metric that might be important to keep an eye on as a community manager is your publicly displayed number of “People Talking About This” as shown below:


This numerical display may not have an immediate impact, but this data can be used by people as an indicator as to how popular the Page is and how engaging the site (and community manager) are. Facebook is challenging you to think of and create your best content!

Brands now have the ability to determine their total reach on Facebook, which will be important in creating content to share. Weekly Total Reach will add up all of the users who have been exposed to a brand’s owned, earned and paid media, including those who’ve interacted with a Page’s content or seen its ads. This metric can be compared against television and print advertising.

There will be no sentiment monitoring on this new Insights tool, but I’m sure there will be ways to track what is actually being said in the future with the new Page Insights API.

As a last note, I am happy to see that Facebook took away its “unknown” Likes source and has given a clear definition of where those Likes are coming from – “On Page, News Feed or Ticker.”

Explore the new Facebook Page Insights tool and see what you think. I’d love to hear your opinion on the changes – comment below or find me on Twitter @Lokitis.

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