Facebook's Creepiest Development Yet? VOTE

By Renee Revetta | Nov 2, 2010
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In case you haven’t noticed, Facebook introduced a “View Friendships” option, which allows you to see your interactions between you and a friend at-a-glance. The link to “view your friendship” can be found directly underneath a wall post by a friend on your wall. The Friendship page includes wall posts, photos, events both people have attended, mutual page “likes”, mutual friends, comments and status “likes”. Not only can you see these interactions between you and your friends, but between any friends you choose (Read: ultimate stalking…). On the right hand side of a Friendship page, you’ll see where you can browse interactions between your friends.

We’ve done a bit of testing here at Search Mojo, and it does seem that Facebook is upholding individual’s privacy settings, thankfully. Previously, users were able to see “Wall-to-Wall” status updates between friends, but never before has there been one integrated page showing all activities between friends.

So I’m wondering, is this the easiest Facebook stalking tool? Still coming off of our Halloween sugar highs, do developments like this scare you a bit? Exercise your right to vote and let me know what you think Facebook’s creepiest development is – Vote!

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