February Digital Marketing Round Up

By Patrick Shamburger | Mar 2, 2017
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The digital marketing industry is constantly changing and it can be a full time job trying to keep up with the constant updates and changes. At Marketing Mojo it is our job to stay current with what is happening in the SEO and PPC world and we love what we do. To make it easier for our readers though we will be posting a compilation of digital marketing news monthly that includes key industry updates and informative articles written by industry leaders. It is our hope that the Digital Marketing Round Up will become your trusted source for major digital marketing news updates.

New AdWords Ad Label

First they changed the label from yellow to green, and now Google is tweaking the labels again. The green label with white letters that signals the link is an ad has now been flipped to green letters with a white background. Google told Search Engine Land that the new format makes the results page easier to read but many think the change will lead to few users noticing it is an ad and result in more clicks and money for Google.

Old Format: Old AdWords Label

New Format: New AdWords Label

Proximity is the Top Ranking Factor for Local Search Results

Moz wrote a great article last week showing how proximity to stores has become the number one ranking factor for the local results. The table below shows the surprising results for a plumber search query and the typical ranking factors SEO professionals look at to improve rankings. As you can see two of the top 3 local results don’t even have a website but they did rank in order of closest distance to the searcher. This post takes you through the testing process they performed to verify that proximity is a major rankings factor and then give some recommendations at the end for local SEO optimization. If you’re a local business owner this article is well worth the read.


Maximizing Your LinkedIn Targeting

At Marketing Mojo we are big proponents of advertising on LinkedIn. Yes we know the cost per click is a lot higher than on Google AdWords but the targeting options are a powerful tool on LinkedIn. Marketing Land provides a great article on the different LinkedIn targeting options and how to combine them for the most successful results. And our own Heidi Smith just went into more detail about why LinkedIn is a great ad platform to try if you’re not already advertising on it.

Google’s Impact of Buying Its Own Ad Slots

This article on Search Engine Land provides a detailed look at just how accurate Google’s claim that their ad buying doesn’t have a direct impact on the bidding process. What they find is that since Google wins the top position 91% of the time they buy an ad, the competing marketers increase their bids to ensure they remain on the top of the page and thus increase the average CPC.

Marketing Land provides a shorter and simpler breakdown of how Google impacts the auction process here.


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