Forecasting Christmas with Google Insights for Search

By Paige Payne | Dec 18, 2009
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When in the process of creating an AdWords account from scratch the overarching goal is to optimize the account to best match your target audience.  In doing so you want to string together what you feel is the best mesh of account variables such as (for text ads on the search network) keywords, targeting, messaging and so on.   A popular method many have relied on when making these decisions has been the Google keyword tool’s estimated search traffic and competition level figures.

While the keyword tool is extremely effective for generating a long list of the most popular keywords, given the many differences in consumer preferences, it can be rather difficult to know which combination of targeting and messaging to apply to the long list of keywords that will best fit for your target audience.

A resource that can be more useful for minimizing the guesstimating that takes place when setting up new accounts is Google Insights for Search.  As the name suggests, this tool allows you further insight into what the world is searching for.  You can compare and filter data by the type of search, category, search term, location, and even time range.  Here are some holiday examples of how Google Insights for Search can better aid AdWords advertisers with messaging and location settings above and beyond the Google keyword Tool.

Predict seasonality and estimate demand:


(Same settings as above) Find out historically where the largest number of related searches are performed with the section labeled “Regional interest” over time:

Further refine location targeting to find the largest concentration of last minute shoppers for a particular search term: (changing search term to “Ideas for Christmas Gifts”, date range Dec 2009)

In addition, get a general idea of the appropriate messaging for a particular area by viewing Search Terms for “ideas for Christmas Gifts”:

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