A Gmail April Fools Prank Has Me Thinking About Dynamic Keyword Insertion

By Avelyn Austin | Apr 1, 2009
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This morning I logged into my Gmail account to be greeted with the New Gmail Autopilot Feature. The new feature allegedly allows your Gmail account to respond to emails without you even reading them! The Autopilot Feature strategically analyzes the original message, crafts a response and sends it all by itself. See below for example Autopilot responses.

Manage Relationships

Gmail Autopilot Sample 1

Match Your Personal Style

Gmail Autopilot Sample 2

If you haven’t caught on by now, this is obviously another Gmail April Fools’ prank much like last year’s Gmail prank, Custom Time.

So how does this apply to Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? You might say that the “Autopilot response” prank is witty, yet would be absolutely dysfunctional if it were an actual feature.  Yet the Autopilot response feature reminds me of the Adwords Dynamic Keyword Insertion feature. In a nut shell, Dynamic Keyword Insertion is a feature that replaces the default ad headline text with the searcher’s exact query. Much like an “Auto response” email, your ads may be saying something completely inappropriate! Of course, Google attempts to only show your ads for relevant queries; however, if you’ve ever run a search query report and seen a line that states “1 other unique query” you can assume that not every query is absolutely relevant. Although I’m an advocate of Dynamic Keyword Insertion I always test it against static headlines to ensure that I’m using the most effective ads for my clients.

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