Google AdWords Launches New My Client Center Interface

By Avelyn Austin | Nov 13, 2009
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It’s a wonderful day when I log into Google AdWords My Client Center and I’m greeted with a Big Yellow Message Box.  Why?  Because a big yellow message box typically means that Google is giving me something NEW to play with.  Today my message read:

“Welcome to the new interface for My Client Center

The new interface is designed to help you complete keytasks more easily.  With it, you can edit client description inline, link multiple accounts at once, and unlink from the MCC dashboard directly.  Feel free to switch between the new and old interface at any time during this beta period…” (Google AdWords)

As most of you can imagine, I was pretty excited to tinker with the new interface.  Unfortunately, I was less than thrilled to find out that the three new features listed in the Yellow Message Box were literally the only new features that the new My Client Center interface has to offer.  Below is a basic view of the new My Client Center interface:


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As you can see, the only noticeable changes are the enhanced colors and the new Google AdWords logo.  On a positive note:  At least it matches my individual client accounts now.

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