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By Sarah Lokitis | Jun 30, 2011
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Certified Google Adwords ProfessionalAbout a month ago, I became a Google AdWords Qualified Professional! Search Mojo is a Google AdWords Certified Partner with qualified individuals in search advertising.

If you are interested in taking the exams, I recommend studying the AdWords Learning Center, in addition to working with an account or two, to understand the interface and get an idea of best practices. The fundamentals exam is a test based on a basic understanding of AdWords. Read through all the study materials and click on the additional links provided in the lessons to find material that might be included in the test.

The learning center provides a foundation of material, but there are tricky questions that refer to e-learnings and help articles in the exams. To become certified you must pass the basic exam and one advanced exam. Set aside an hour or two to review every day, so you don’t get overwhelmed trying to cram for the exam. This isn’t college anymore; no more cramming!

While the exams do test on some material I have never used with accounts, it is important to learn about every function of AdWords to make the best recommendations and decisions for your company or clients. Something that works well in the interface or editor for one client might be better suited with the AdWords API for another client. It is important to understand all the options available through AdWords to determine the best course of action.

Speaking of the AdWords API… The advanced search exam had a good 6 questions on the API even though the learning center specifically states,  “AdWords API is designed for developers representing large, tech-savvy advertisers and third parties.” I understand Google wants you to read everything to be aware of the benefits from employing developers to use the API, but some questions were better suited for developers. I wonder if AdWords would ever consider making an API advanced exam for developers and programmers. The API can help with everything from managing an account to advanced reporting, so it would be a good qualification for companies hiring developers.

Stay up to date in your working knowledge of AdWords for managing your own account, but remember the exams focus on the lessons in the learning center.

If you are taking the tests to become certified, take your time and answer the questions you know first. Mark the questions you are not sure of to come back to, but provide your best guess just in case you run out of time. Good luck!


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