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By Ariele McWhinney | Oct 4, 2012
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Google Analytics can be an anomaly. As shown by this Q&A with a GA expert. Here are a few top tips / tricks I found helpful.

google analytics clinic

Shortcuts (great for reporting!):

  • When you hit Compare to Past in the calendar, you can check a box denoting your data be compared to last year. This is a time saver.
  • Say you have created a report in Analytics precisely the way you’d like, with all the information and dates matched up for a report. Just hit Shortcut near the top of the page. Once you click Shortcut, this formatted report is saved on the left navigation.

Random Tips:

  • “Campaigns” in Analytics are in no way related to AdWords.
  • Regular expression is the “best thing ever invented.” And if you use GA, you MUST know regular expression. Visit Luna Metrics to learn more about it.
  • If your account has more pageviews than clicks, this is most likely a bot clicking on your ad and not actually visiting the landing page.
  • How to resolve the frustrating issue of “other” pages showing up when navigating through all pages on your site content. This usually happens on a site with many many pages, such as sites with multiple URL parameters. The max size of a table in Analytics is 50,000 rows. So when you have sites that can have multiple parameters on a URL, the site can grow easily to over 50,000 pages. When Google reaches the 49,999th page in the table, the 50,000th is automatically pronounced “other.”
    • But! There is a solution. Navigate to Profile Settings and in the Exclude URL Query Parameters, you can exclude those parameters that may be causing the problem.

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