Google Analytics Dashboards and Custom Reports simplified with Solution Gallery

By Casey Davenport | Feb 25, 2013
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Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides webmasters the ability to view website performance data from a variety of angles.  Recently, Google released the Google Solutions Gallery – a collection of prefab Dashboards, Custom Reports, and Advanced Segments. The solutions gallery puts a variety of ready-made solutions directly in the hands of marketers. The gallery is a useful solution for marketers of all experience levels, whether it presents a new way to look at data that they might not have otherwise considered or simply provides a starting point to further customize their own reports.

dashboard, advanced segment, and custom report options from Google Analytics Solution Gallery

You can find solutions based on Analytics Solution (Dashboard, Custom Reports, Advanced Segment), Business Objective (Branding, Lead Gen, Ecommerce, etc.), Marketing Function (SEO, PPC, Mobile, etc.). Below are a couple solutions I found interesting:

Long Tail Search Advanced Segments

The following advanced segments are created using regular expressions. This is a great way to identify any broad visitor activity trends associated with the length of the search query.


Site Speed Performance Dashboard: 

The Site Performance Dashboard puts pretty much every site speed metric you could ask for in one place, allowing for a quick view into performance.

site speed performance dashboard

Mobile Visits by Hour of Day:

The Mobile Visits by Hour of Day custom report is a great way to identify user behavior trends and potentially optimize advertising campaigns and content updates accordingly.

google analytics mobile metrics by hour of day

Those are just a couple reports that stood out to me. Have you used any dashboards, custom reports, or graphs from the Solution Gallery yet?  Which ones have you found most useful?  Comment below or find me on Twitter @CaseyDavenport

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