Google Analytics (Re)Introduces: Data Hub and Trackbacks

By Sarah Lokitis | Mar 28, 2013
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Google Analytics TrackbacksGoogle Analytics Social Reporting continues to grow and provide insights into how social media is tying into your company’s goals. Last summer, I wrote about the recently introduced Social Visitors FlowSocial Sources and Activity Stream, and Social Plugins Reports. On Tuesday, Google Analytics announced that they redesigned some of the social reports to make it easier to see the activity happening around your content. The two new reports that were introduced are: Trackbacks and Data Hub Activity. Both of which were already previously available.

These reports already existed, so what’s the big deal? Google developed these two new stand-alone reports to provide greater ease in digesting this data. The data is clearer and now, you can drill down through this data separately.

Data Hub Activity shows the conversations and events from Google’s Data Hub Partners. Data Hub partners include some well known social networks like Reddit, Google+, and Digg, as well as some less known sites like SodaHead. Noticeably missing are Twitter and Facebook. However, this report allows you to see events and conversations surrounding your site online, which can provide some insight into where the conversations are happening – conversations you may have missed.

Trackbacks were previously available in the Google Analytics social reporting, but Google made this change to make it easier for users to comprehend. Trackbacks are “all of your inbound links across the web.” This report is useful, so you can see the sites that are linking to your site. Especially if you do any kind of blogger or influencer outreach, this is helpful to see when articles are published so you can follow up accordingly. One great feature of this report is that Google displays some of the value of each link by listing the number of visits that were driven by each endorsing URL during the reporting period. This is important if you want to determine where you should be focusing your efforts. In the below example, led to 176 site visits, while has not led to any. I can see this being very useful for any link building or outreach campaign.


Have you used any of the social reporting tools in Google Analytics? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @Lokitis!

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