Do You Want Your Customers To Find You On Google?

By Avelyn Austin | May 6, 2009
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If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, the hardest part about being a search marketer is explaining search engine optimization to the client.  More specifically, it’s sometimes difficult to explain why I chose a specific keyword phrase for them to optimize their website for.  Often times when I review a suggested list of keyword phrases, the client will see a phrase and say, “Woah that’s not how we talk about our product”.  Without trying to belittle the client my response is, “Although you may not talk about your product like that, your customers do and that’s also how they search for your product on Google too”.  I’ll warn you now, the client may not be able to wrap their head around this concept right away.  As the experienced search marketer you’ll need to prove to the client that the phrase you’ve suggested has a higher search volume than the phrase they typically use to “talk about their product”.  A great resource for backing up your recommended keyword phrase is the free Google External Keyword Tool.


Now to walk through an example.  Let’s say your client sells a line of “luxury ink writing instruments”.  After doing extensive keyword research to determine the best keyword phrase that will help the client reach the greatest number of potential customers, you suggest that they optimize their website for the phrase “luxury pens”.  The client sees this and says “No, no, no we don’t say ‘pens’, we say ‘ink writing instruments'”.  Take a deep breath, because the last thing you want to do is yell “IT’S A PEN!”.  Instead, pull out the search volumes that you found using the Google External Keyword Tool and prove to the client that while relatively zero individuals search Google for the term “luxury ink writing instruments”, approximately 2,400 individuals/ potential customers do search Google for the term “luxury pens” each month.

So remember, when explaining your suggested keyword phrases to a client, don’t scream if they “don’t talk about their product” the way the rest of the world does.  Stick to the search volumes that you find via the Google External Keyword Tool and hope that they come around to face the reality that their precious ink writing instrument is actually just a pen.

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