Google to Start Showing Content Authors in SERPs

By Amanda Sides | Jun 30, 2011
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Being that I landed a career in an industry where everything you know and understand could be drastically different an hour later, I find myself constantly looking for updates on the latest industry trends, search algorithm updates, and any other news or engine changes that roll out periodically.  Although Google did recently launch the panda update to help devalue content farms and low quality content, and help quality content rank higher, Google has begun to push this effort even further by showing authors themselves next to their content in search results.

When there are big announcements or industry news updates, I want to be able to find not only a high volume of content regarding that topic, but I want to be sure I’m getting it from a high quality source.  I need to be able to completely understand it myself, but be able to quickly convey the news/updates to clients.  This new update from Google will definitely make the industry news leaders stand out in the SERPs, making it easier to locate the high quality content you need.

Content Authors on SERPs

For everything Google, everyone in the search industry knows you can count on Matt Cutts and Danny Sullivan to have the latest update on the latest “big thing.”  Doing a quick search on “google algorithm update,” you can easily find content they have published by the pictures that display next to the corresponding result. The author’s picture and name will be displayed, pulling that information from their linked Google Profile. It will be nice to easily spot those well-respected authors in the vast sea of results.

Content Authors in SERPs

Pilot Program Details

Google is using a small sample of authors for the pilot program of this launch who have linked their Google Profile to their content.  Google is currently accepting content authors via their Help Center if you would like to be a participant in this pilot program.

Powered by Authorship Markup

Two weeks ago, Google announced that they would be supporting authorship markup.  Authors can use this markup for their content, to help searchers better find those great authors via web search.  The authorship markup essentially allows authors to associate their published content with their author page, which includes things like a bio, picture, and links to other articles, among other details. Find more details about this markup in the Authorship section of the Google Help Center.


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