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By Jessica Davidson | Jul 5, 2012
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This past month, Google launched its Trusted Stores Program, which helps shoppers feel confident in their online purchases.

Online merchants who want to enroll in the program must submit transaction data via a Google Merchant Center Account. Using this information, Google assigns the merchant a grade for its shipping and customer service based on the number of transactions it is able to evaluate.

A merchant’s grade is determined by the following metrics:

Shipping Performance

  • Percentage of orders shipped on time
  • Average number of days for the order to ship

Customer Service

  • Percentage of issues resolved quickly
  • Number of customers needing help with an issue

If the merchant qualifies for the program, the Google Trusted Store badge, as seen below, will appear at the lower right corner of their website.

Google Trusted Stores Badge

When you hover over the badge, the merchant’s report card will appear, similar to the one seen below. The report card provides the merchant’s grade based on the metrics discussed above.

Google Trusted Stores Report Card

What’s In It for Customers?

In addition to instilling confidence in their online shopping, the Trusted Stores Program offers protection to shoppers. Customers have the choice to opt-in for the free purchase protection that guarantees assistance from Google if they encounter an eligible issue with their order and the retailer cannot resolve the problem.

The following are considered eligible issues:

  • Receive an incorrect item
  • Item is not in promised condition
  • Billed an incorrect amount
  • Item is not shipped in a timely manner
  • Return policy is not honored

The purchase protection offers a full refund or item replacement, limited to $1,000 in lifetime claims, if the issue is reported within 60 days of order placement.

Success Stories

Becoming a Trusted Store has proven successful for many merchants. The following displays the enhanced performance for two e-commerce companies as a result of enrolling in the Trusted Stores Program.

Discount Filters

Google Trusted Stores Success Discount Filters


Google Trusted Stores Success Beau-coup

Benefits for Merchants

Google’s Trusted Stores Program is a free way for merchants to:

  • Increase sales due to enhanced shopper confidence
  • Attract new customers who previously may have been hesitant to order your products online
  • Differentiate themselves – The badge will soon appear in Google ads and Google Shopping results; therefore the addition of the badge to ads will provide an opportunity to stand out from others

Benefits for Customers

On the consumer side, the Trusted Stores Program provides the following benefits:

  • Increased confidence in online shopping
  • Purchase protection with the opportunity for a refund or replacement if there is an issue.

As an e-commerce company, are you planning on enrolling in Google’s Trusted Stores Program? Leave your comments below or find me on Twitter.

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