Google’s Consumer Barometer: New Tool for Your Content Marketing Toolbox

By Kari Rippetoe | Nov 20, 2012
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Google's Consumer BarometerHow are your potential customers finding your products? Do they do their research online or offline (or a combination of both)? Do they use mobile devices, or do they use their laptops or desktop computers?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then how do you know what content to create and deliver to your prospects, and the right platforms to use?

Google now has a tool to help you get the answers you need (and it’s free too). The Consumer Barometer allows you to dig into the piles and piles of data Google has compiled over the years to gain insights into how consumers research and purchase products.

For instance, let’s say you sell video games. You want to find out how consumers of video games in the US go about researching their video game purchases. Head over to the Consumer Barometer, click on Graph at the top, then select the following data:

Research Behavior – choose the data you want to see regarding consumer purchase research behavior.

Google Consumer Barometer Research Behavior

Research and Purchase Behavior – select additional data regarding how consumers research and then make a subsequent purchase.

Google Consumer Barometer Research and Purchase Behavior

Products – for video games, select Media & Entertainment, then check Video Games.

Google Consumer Barometer Products

Countries – select USA under North America

Google Consumer Barometer Countries

Voila! You then get a basic graph that gives you the statistics you asked for:

Google Consumer Barometer Research Graph

You can also filter the data in several ways, such as by audience demographics (gender, education, age, and internet usage).

Imagine what you could do with the insights you find out to help you develop content, that will in turn help video game consumers (or consumers for your particular products) find what you sell.

Google has provided marketers with an excellent tool providing some good, basic stats to help them better target their audiences. The Consumer Barometer tool is pretty easy to use (and did I mention it’s free?), so I highly recommend digging into it and playing with the data available.

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