Google's New Update to Call Metrics

By Sarah Lokitis | Jun 14, 2011
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Earlier this afternoon, Google activated the new Adwords Call Metrics feature supposedly bringing the program out of beta. The launch of the new Call Metrics was pushed back from mid-May to late June and occurred today with very little fanfare; surprisingly little, in fact.  All advertisers who did not currently have access to the beta version were locked out until the main launch, and we’re still waiting to see if the program has opened up to other users yet. Previously, calls did not incur extra costs, but we at Search Mojo have just received our first $1.00 charge for a call. The new columns are broken out into Phone Impressions, Phone Calls, PTR and Phone Cost.

The call metrics data is available at both the campaign and ad group level. The Phone impressions column will allow advertisers to see the difference between ad impressions and phone impressions. There is no bidding feature on Call Metrics yet, but we expect to see one roll-out in the near future for bidding on phone extensions as max CPC bidding has worked in the past. The Phone Calls column lists the number of calls received from manually dialing the Google forwarding number. At this time we are not sure how click-to-call calls from mobile devices will be recorded. PTR, phonethrough rate, is CTR for the calls received from your phone extension. Phone cost is now recorded as $1.00 per call and does not include charges from high-end mobile devices.

To our disappointment, all of our previous call tracking data is not displaying in the interface. We’re not sure if this information will return, but we’re glad we ran reports while we could.

Please stay tuned for more updates.

Update: With further exploration of AdWords, we have noticed that within the Dimensions tab, advertisers are able to view call details of both old call metrics and new call metrics data sets. The call details available are: Start time, End time, Status, Duration (seconds), Caller area code, Phone cost and Campaign. Thank you to Heta Sampat for providing more information.

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