The Hidden Opportunities of Landing Pages

By Tony Park | Dec 12, 2016
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Emerge From the Landing Page Shadows

We frequently hear how vital landing pages are to the success of any digital marketing endeavor. Marketers have studied, tested and tweaked the relationship between display ad design and landing page design for more than a decade. The recipe for the perfect landing page can be found on many sites, and the steps taken to make sure Google and other search engines are happy with your landing page are illustrious.

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Needless to say, going the extra mile is usually a good idea, but there are other benefits to the additional effort than just conversion rate and bounce rate. Some advantages get overlooked even though they are just as important, if not more. Today, we will uncover these special benefits and reinforce our reasoning for spending more time on our landing pages.

Provide More Details

You’ve probably seen a landing page that is almost an identical but larger version of the display ad that directed you to it. Fundamentally, this isn’t such a bad idea. After all, relevancy and recognition are there, which is awesome because consumers and search engines both seem to respond well to this. The problem comes from the missed opportunity you leave on the table when creating bigger, carbon-copy landing pages. Usually advertisers put too much emphasis on sticking to a template: The ad content MUST EQUAL landing page content, and the ad design MUST EQUAL landing page design.

One of the biggest glaring problems with using a template is not using the extra space to provide customers with additional information specific to the landing page offer. While avoiding external content, this is your chance to embed a video that supports your landing page goal or outlines the many features of your latest gizmo. Unfortunately, few marketers take advantage of the extra real estate on landing pages, but you shouldn’t be afraid to stray from the template and add videos, images or any other form of beneficial content to your landing pages.

Emphasize Your Brand’s Authority

Adding reviews, awards, testimonials to your page not only tells your customers why your product or service is the best, but it also reinforces that you know what you’re talking about and are a legitimate player in the space. As we all know, maintaining your credibility and authority is important, and landing pages are another avenue we can take to do so.

Enhance Your Funnel

landing pagesThe importance of this next benefit is paramount—it may be just as important as the landing page’s primary conversion goal! Imagine the opportunity to endlessly advertise your product to specific individuals based on their experiences with your brand. Well, landing pages can give you the keys to the kingdom. Most companies know how important lead generation is to the success of our long-term digital marketing efforts and have obtained an endless list of emails from landing page forms. The problem is they aren’t using the information to its fullest potential.

Make sure your landing page strategy is aligned with your progressive profiling strategy. Think about how each page is developing the relationship between the customer and their stage in the conversion path. While some landing pages require more information from customers at the top of the funnel, some landing pages are designed for long-term, big spenders. Pasting the same form field into each landing page is a mistake and a wasted opportunity to further segment your audience and potentially develop more qualified leads.

Having trouble getting your forms filled?

Requiring or suggesting information via form fields that either gate a piece of content or offer a discount or promotion are almost always a great strategy for obtaining a customer for life. Design your landing pages to be an essential part of your funnel, not just a platform to purchase or download your product.

Tailor Your Landing Pages

Sometimes more is better, and in the case of landing pages, this is almost always true. Once again, the power of relevancy guides us. Having the resources to create more landing pages gives us an opportunity to create a better variety with more specific content based on the product or service type, the potential customer and the avenue in which they arrived. Advertisers can be very granular with this strategy.

You can create a landing page for the same product and customer but make changes based on whether they arrived from a search engine or from a social media platform, or you can create a personalized landing page for customers from a remarketing list that announces a special 20% off discount. If the customer reaches your page from a mobile device, let them know they can be emailed the content. Again, the possibilities are endless. Many advertisers are stuck in the (this product has this landing page) mode. When developing your next landing page, find ways to tailor the content and design to best fit the product, customer and platform and, of course, create multiple pages if possible.

If you’ve been second guessing the effectiveness of your landing pages, ask yourself if they’re providing more than a jumbo-sized display ad with an add-to-cart option. Are they giving you an opportunity to get conversions down the road and are they specific enough to the consumer conversion path? Landing pages are an incredibly vital facet of the digital advertising spectrum and provide more opportunity than most advertisers give them credit. Looking at their purpose with a broader scope can lead to higher ROI down the road.

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