Houston, We Have a Redundancy Problem.

By Catherine Potts | Feb 4, 2009
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In the struggle for maintained relevancy, being original can be difficult in the hyper-blogging world of SEO. It’s tough to find original posts as well. Sure they look different on the surface but are they really telling us things we don’t already know as professionals? For awhile now, I’ve struggled with trying to create original SEO blog posts. Honestly, I struggle to read SEO news in general as of late. Why? Because a lot of the time it’s just the same ‘ol same ‘ol cloaked as something original with a different title. I’m not attacking anyone in particular and I’m not claiming to have the answers.

I am surprised if I come across something new. I mean, REALLY new. Not regurgitation. It’s key that as bloggers, our posts have something new to offer. That goes for my posts as well. I’ve been trying to review neato tools to help either weed them out of the mix and expose them as link bait or the real deal. Guess what, so are thousands of other people. Not original. It’s useful, but not original.

Conversely, I tend to like Ann Smarty’s posts. She reviews tools (and offers other ideas) but for some reason, her posts don’t feel redundant. This week she has a post How to Track YouTube Videos. This post offers up several ways to track videos that reference you, your business, or industry/competitor stuff. This is an original post. I can’t recall any others like it. I would have never thought of it because its just not something I need to do in my job. However it does help me broaden my thinking and that’s good. That’s the point. Hey, can you feel the personal growth already?

How many times can the same subject be written about? How many different ways can a writer pass off the same tired topic into a new bulleted list: “10 Ways to…”

Look I’m not saying that I’ve not had to get inspiration from other places and some how make them my own by creating a “tidbits from the web” list. I have. I think we all have. That’s because it’s hard to really find originality in an industry that doesn’t change much from day to day (at least it doesn’t in my opinion.) I think it’s much easier to write about subjects that are always “in motion” (stock market, financial news, entertainment etc…) Perhaps topics “in motion” are easier because the changes are somewhat spoon-fed? Who knows. I’m sure there’s some truth in that.

I’m just looking for something new. Something original. There has to be something that nobody has discussed (maybe this topic is it?). HOW do we get away from this SEO redundancy? I’m sure someone will have a comment “well what are YOU offering?” Well, I’m offering my opinion on the subject.

So the question is: Is there an aspect of SEO that our community hasn’t dealt with? Is there something we have missed? If so, what is it? The search is on…

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