How a Higher Education Institute Increased Organic Website Traffic to Their Site by Over 80%

By Avelyn Austin | Mar 5, 2009
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Back in August 2008 a higher education institute in Washington DC approached us, Search Mojo, with a problem.  Although they were a well known institute in the “offline” world, they wanted to increase their visibility in the “online” world to drive greater awareness and prospective students to their website.

Working with the institute we developed a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign to improve search engine rankings to increase their online visibility and organic website traffic. The SEO campaign included:

  • Keyword Analysis – Working with the institute, we developed a list of targeted/relevant keywords with high monthly search volumes and prioritized the list from highest priority to lowest.
  • Robots.txt Creation/ Edits – Developing the robots.txt for the site told the search engine bots what they should and should not index.  This allowed the site to keep specific files “classified”.
  • Google Sitemap Creation and Registration – Developing the Google Sitemap made it easier for the Google bots to crawl the site.  Registering the sitemap gave us the ability to tell the Google bots “Hey,  here we are come crawl us!” as well as gave us the ability to identify the last time a Google bot crawled the site.*
  • Custom 404 Error Page Creation – Implementing a custom 404 Error Page gave users and bots alike suggested links within the site or a search tool to use if they happen to come accross a page that no longer existed.
  • Google Analytics Setup – Adding Google Analytics to each page of the site gave us the ability to track basic site statistics such as the amount of organic traffic to the site, what search engine the traffic came from, and even what query they came in on.*
  • Google Local Business Listing Creation – Developing a Local Business Listing for the institute gave them the opportunity to be shown on Google Maps, Google Images, and Google Local Listings.*
  • Monthly Website Optimization through Content Edits – Using the list of keywords, we inserted the keywords within the site content to increase the keyword density.
  • Monthly Link Building – Building only one-way links to the site using the developed keywords as link titles we were able to increase the quantity and quality of inbound links to the site.

So what was the result of the SEO campaign? Within the first 6 months of the campaign, the institute continually realized a month over month increase in website traffic from organic search sources including Google. The total increase in website traffic from Month 1 to Month 6 was 82.11%!

*Within our SEO campaigns we put a great deal of emphasis on Google as it drives the greatest amount of traffic to most sites.  Google accounted for over 85% of this institute’s organic traffic to the site over the past 6 months.

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