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By Renee Revetta | Feb 23, 2010
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Whether you like Google Buzz or not, it seems like it may be around for a while (relatively speaking – keep in mind the ebb and flow of social services). If you’re part of a marketing team or just like staying on the cutting edge, I’d recommend to create a Google Buzz profile for your company.

A few reasons why:

  • Your customers may not know the name of your company’s VP or CEO, but might know your brand name. What happens if they search for your company on Buzz and it’s nowhere to be found? Missed opportunity.
  • Once you’ve set up the account with your corporate Twitter, Flickr, Google Reader, Facebook (a recent addition), etc. you can choose to set it and forget it, or actually put it to use for forums and conversations with your community.
  • Taking the 5 minutes to make the profile claims your brand name on Buzz, which eliminates the headaches of brandjacking.
  • Also, Radian6 and Viralheat have already made moves to incorporate Buzz into their platforms. Other services may soon feel the pressure to do the same. Monitoring capabilities are what those social media specialists/scientists/strategist/community managers/experts/gurus want, right? 😉

How to set up a corporate Google Buzz account

If you’re convinced and want to create a corporate Buzz account, read on.  If not, maybe you’ll be back someday…the day Google Caffeine is released, possibly?

1. You’ll need a Gmail account. Preferably one not associated with a particular person. Make it a generic corporate email address using your brand name (or an alteration of it if your brand name is already taken).

2. After you’ve verified your account, activate Buzz through your Gmail account (a notification about Buzz should appear) or you can go to – if this doesn’t work you can try going to another user’s Buzz profile and liking or commenting on a post (a step I had to take in the “early days of Buzz”).

3. Once your Buzz account is active, link up your corporate Google Reader, Picasa, Flickr, Twitter accounts etc. You COULD stop here. I recommend going a bit further 🙂

4. A Google Profile should have been automatically created for you, which displays your Buzz account. Fill it out and give it some love. This is a great way to share all of your corporate links. For some help with this check out Tad Miller’s posts here and here. An example of a complete corporate profile: Search Mojo

5. Find some people to follow. Start with the employees of your company or try searching on or for those in your industry.

Congrats on creating a profile – I think you’ll be better equipped for relevant social search results in the search giant itself once Caffeine is fully released.

Here’s a link for more Buzz resources, or feel free to find me on Twitter @reneerevetta.

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