Need A Job? You Might Need To Google Bomb Yourself.

By Avelyn Austin | May 13, 2009
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College graduates are stepping out into one of the toughest job markets yet. For that reason it’s important to have impressive credentials, a freshly pressed suit, and a clean Google page. Not sure if you have the third one covered? It’s time to find out. Click Here, Google your name, and come right back to get tips on how to help Google bomb yourself into a job.

A Google bomb most simply put is an effort to get desired websites to rank higher on a Google results page. For college graduates – or anyone looking for a job – it’s important to make sure the Google results page shows only good things about you if a potential employer decides to Google you. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create and maintain social media profiles. Here are a few must have profiles along with tips on how to use the profiles to make your Google results page work for you and not against you in the job market.

  • Facebook Carefully – As a college graduate you most likely have a Facebook profile; the question is, will it help you or hinder you if a potential employer views it. To make sure it’s not hindering your chances of getting a job un-tag yourself from all incriminating photos (like that one of you doing a 2-story beer bong, not appropriate). Use the privacy tools to help filter what others see on your profile and think twice before you join a group called “Corporate America Blows” especially if you were a business major.
  • Get LinkedInLinkedIn is what I like to call the Facebook of the professional world. Not only do you get to highlight your resume, you get to “link in” with friends, classmates, colleagues, professors, etc. You can even ask people within your network to introduce you to someone within their network. LinkedIn is also a great place to find job listings!
  • Create A Visual CV – Like LinkedIn, Visual CV allows you to create a unique online resume. This is an especially great site for individuals who have a portfolio that they’d like to show off to potential employers.  Another bonus is that younger individuals in HR departments love to see graduates using the new resume tools available to them; just ask <bethcromwell> on Twitter.
  • Tastefully Twitter Twitter is all the rage so go ahead and create an account and Tweet away. Just make sure your tweets are potential employer appropriate!  (Follow Me <amaustin>)
  • Join Your Alumni Directory – Everyone has a special place in their heart for their alma mater and are therefore always willing to help fellow graduates land a job. Use this to your advantage by creating a listing in your alumni directory. (My alma mater has made it even easier by creating both a JMU Department of Marketing Alumni, Students, and Faculty group on LinkedIn AND a JMU Alumni Association group on LinkedIn)
  • Blog – Many jobs require writing samples so why not prepare those ahead of time and make yourself look good on a Google results page. Start a blog and write about events happening in the industry you want to get into or write about anything that interests you as long as it’s potential employer appropriate.

Are there any other profiles that you think college graduates / job searchers should have?  Let me and others know by leaving a comment below.

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