If Twitter Were a High School Girl, It Would Be the Homecoming Queen.

By Amanda Sides | Mar 20, 2009
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You are probably reminiscing right now about your glorious high school days… They may be good thoughts, or completely ridiculous ones. Either way, you can probably picture your homecoming queen. Beautiful, popular, gossiped about constantly; people either loved her or hated her…

If Twitter were a high school girl, it would definitely be homecoming queen.

In recent past, Twitter has significantly come into its own, grown up and matured, and gained popularity with every step it takes. Lately, it’s all you hear about. You hate hearing about it, but it’s a guilty pleasure you won’t be able to get away from for some time.

Twitter is everywhere. Here are just a few facts about Twitter, and a few places it’s been spotted, that you may not have been aware of:

  • President Obama’s laptop. Google “twitter”. Result number 2 is President Obama’s Twitter link. You know it’s a hit when the president (or someone tweeting on his behalf) gets an account.
  • The Colbert Report. Colbert recently held an interview with David Grann, discussing his book about obsessing over an ancient city in the Amazon. A reference was made to carrying notes via runners, then the notes would be converted into telegraphs, and then “blasted” out to the public; Colbert compared it to the modern day twitter.
  • All over PubCon. You didn’t even need to pay to go to the conference with the flooding of tweets coming right from the front row. You can be anywhere you’d like without leaving the comfort of your room, office, or without putting your crackberry down.
  • It’s surpassing the competition. Neilson Wire posted some statistics about Twitter’s growth that are astonishing. Twitter has outshone other social media with its tremendous growth year over year. While Facebook grew 228% from February 2008 to February 2009, Twitter smashed that statistic by growing 1382%! Now, will it continue?
  • The Today Show. The Today Show did a special on Twitter and gave very basic explanations of the social media site, and noted a few places in the news where it had been turning up.
  • Tweet Stalk. This is a Firefox add-on where you can follow someone without them knowing!

Twitter has many faces, ways to access, future plans, and a lot of criticism.

But after intense criticism and time in the spotlight… will it let itself go?Or will it stay in the lime light a little while longer?I guess we’ll just have to wait and watch it become even more successful, or indulge in the train wreck that may follow.

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