Ikea’s Crime Against Humanity – An Ode to the Jerker

By Tad Miller | Mar 12, 2007
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Ikea Jerker Workstation
We were SHOCKED! Yes SHOCKED! to discover that the greatest computer work station of all time, the Ikea Jerker, has been discontinued. We are greatly troubled by this because all of our workstations are Jerker desks and we were planning on all of our future workstations being Jerkers.

The Jerker seems to have been around forever and we just took it for granted that Ikea would always keep them around. I mean who gets rid of such an amazing product?

It might be the most renowned and most discussed Ikea product out there. It even has a devotional site The Shrine to The Ikea Jerker.

The beauty of the Jerker was its flexibility, simplicity and price. Just look at the great images of how Jerker owners have customized their desks.

We are seriously considering starting a worldwide petition drive to bring back the Jerker. Something must be done!

Ikea apparently is replacing the Jerker with a new smaller, less deep desk the Fredrik. It looks like a poor substitute for the greatness that is the Jerker.

Until then we will be scouring E-bay and Craig’s List to find used Jerkers.

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