The Importance of Brand Search Campaigns

By Tony Park | Dec 14, 2017
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Why spend money on Search advertising for branded terms when organic results rank so well? At first glance, this seems like a reasonable question, and one I’m sure many have asked. Well, if this thought has crossed your mind, I am here to save you from yourself. Although your site may always be the number one organic result for all branded search queries, you are leaving money on the table or giving money to competitors if brand Search campaigns are not part of your digital advertising strategy. The importance of brand Search campaigns can be highlighted with several reasons.

Get More Traffic to Your Site

This may seem like an obvious point, but you’d be surprised how many digital marketers believe that running brand Search ads will cannibalize free clicks from organic results. A few years ago, Google conducted an extensive study illustrating the percentage of total clicks lost when Search ads were paused. The results of the study showed that on average 89% of the traffic generated by search ads is not replaced by organic clicks when Search ads are paused.

Do not let the age of this study dissuade you from taking its results seriously. In fact, if the study were done today, that percentage may be even higher! Since then, changes have been made to further skew incremental clicks for brand Search ads even more. With more ads on top of SERPs, the elimination of right-hand side ads, shopping ads and a focus on mobile ad layout, running Search ads for your brand terms has never been more necessary.

Be The King of Your Brand SERP

A dream scenario for many organizations is to fill the entire first SERP with only their brand properties after a branded search. If I Google “MyMadeUpCompany”, I want to see MyMadeUpCompany’s homepage, blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. Well, guess what’s usually at the top of the first SERP?..Search Ads! This is especially important for today’s SERPs due to the aforementioned changes made by Google a little over a year ago.

Without advertising on your branded terms, this dream may never become a reality, or even worse, you may see competitors’ Search ads at the top (but more on that later).

brand search campaigns

See ROI with Brand Search Campaigns

Concerning the primary question at hand – “Why throw money at branded Search ads?” Typically, you will not break the bank advertising on branded keywords and you’ll get the most bang for your advertising buck. You can expect the price of your branded keyword bids to be low due to high Quality Scores and high click-through rates. These two factors are the main contributors to winning super cheap bids on keywords.

What more relevant result is there than the exact site searchers are looking for? Additionally, click-through rates will be sky-high for the same reason. After all, they are specifically searching for you!

Capture More Qualified Leads

Another positive to capturing those who are searching your brand with Search ads is that they will most likely be further down the funnel. If they are searching for your brand, then perhaps the product research stage is over, and your brand is their choice. It would be a shame to lose them to a competitor.

With that being said, you have the ability to control which page they land on. Organic results can also be finicky. The desired page we’d like users to visit after a particular query, say our brand name, is not always the top result. Instead, we can direct people to a landing page that helps them find exactly what they are looking for – your products.

Keep Your Competitors Out of The Picture

I’ve been hinting at this for a while, but one of the primary reasons to advertise on branded terms is to keep those pesky competitors from stealing your revenue. Companies bid on competitors’ brand names as keywords all the time. If you are not bidding on your own brand name and your competition is, then they get first dibs on your customers.

Companies can also bid on exact match phrases that are alterations or misspellings of your brand. If a user searches “MyMadeUpCo” instead of “MyMadeUpCompany”, and competitors are bidding on those phrases, they may capture those customers as well.

  • Side note: a great way to capture the misspellings of your brand name people are searching for is to use Search Query Reports. See what phrases people are typing in and bid on those keywords.

So, these are my top reasons to implement brand Search campaigns as part of your digital advertising strategy. Being at the top of SERPs for your brand will almost guarantee that conversions, leads and revenue will increase. No matter what, you always want people to find your brand when they’re looking for it instead of a competitor’s.

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