[INFOGRAPHIC] Who Uses LinkedIn? A Guide to LinkedIn Demographics

By Kari Rippetoe | May 6, 2014
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Social media advertising, in general, is really a kind of dark horse of the paid advertising game, in that many marketers tend to shy away from it in favor of a more organic social media strategy. However, if you haven’t managed a Facebook page lately or read the many laments in articles and blog posts, then you may not be aware that Facebook has been drastically decreasing organic reach of Facebook posts over time, meanwhile encouraging marketers and page owners to pay for promoted posts and ads.

While I definitely understand the frustration with this, I also have to ask if buying ads is really such a bad idea. And my answer would be no. Social media advertising has been shown to amplify the reach of a post or piece of content many times over – and that’s certainly not a bad thing. In fact, a recent report from Marin Software shows that augmenting paid search advertising with social media advertising can actually produce a sort of multiplier effect, “assisting” other digital channels in the path to conversion. According to a study by Google (referenced in the Marin report), “for every click on a social ad that directly contributes to a conversion, there are two other clicks that contribute to conversions in other channels.”

Here at Marketing Mojo, we’re big proponents of LinkedIn Advertising for quality B2B demand and lead generation. We’ve done webinars on the topic, written a white paper about how a combination of LinkedIn Advertising and display ads can produce better and less costly leads, and documented the results our clients have seen from LinkedIn Advertising in case studies. And while LinkedIn may not be prone to the same declining reach as Facebook (at least, not now), we’re fans of how advertising allows you to laser-target your ideal customer prospect on a social media channel they’re already using specifically for business reasons – meaning they’re more likely to click and convert on your ad because it’s in the context of what they’re doing on LinkedIn. In my opinion, that makes buying ads well worth it.

We’re such big fans of LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities that we recently delved into the demographics of LinkedIn users in the US. The statistics in the infographic below were almost entirely compiled using LinkedIn’s ad targeting tool – so this is a representation of the industries, job functions, company sizes, and other demographics and firmographics B2B companies can target using LinkedIn Advertising.

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