[INFOGRAPHIC] Is Your Website a Victim of a Panda or Penguin Update?

By Kari Rippetoe | Dec 4, 2014
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I think our site was hit by a Panda/Penguin update. Can you help us?

We hear this quite often from companies that have experienced a sudden drop in organic traffic from Google, as our CEO Janet Driscoll Miller discusses in her latest column on Search Engine Land. With all the algorithm updates Google releases throughout the year (13 so far in 2014, with the latest Penguin update still rolling out), many webmasters and marketers find it difficult to keep up and aren’t sure if their websites have been or will be affected. Once they spot an issue with their organic traffic, diagnosing whether or not they’ve been hit by Panda or Penguin can be difficult and time consuming.

Yes, we hear you loud and clear. This is why we developed, in conjunction with Search Engine Land, this handy flowchart infographic that will help you determine if your website is the victim of an algorithm update (specifically, Panda or Penguin). We use this process frequently with companies looking for help troubleshooting a sudden major drop in Google organic traffic.

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