Intern Return on New Beginnings and Twittering

By Stephanie Nguyen | Jun 11, 2010
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Never in a million years would I expect to stumble across the CEO (Ms. Janet Driscoll Miller) of Search Mojo, a distinguished SEO and PPC advertising management company guest lecturing on grounds at UVa in professor Siva Vaidhyanathan’s Digital Media class. With several lectures beforehand loaded with everything ranging from the culture of Google to heated debates on the rise of Yahoo and Bing, we finally landed on a unique field, (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.

One resume, cover letter and interview later, I landed a summer internship. You immediately think of stamping and sealing 900 envelopes while going mentally insane over a malfunctioning Xerox machine, but “intern” in this case, is actually a misnomer. Currently, I find myself (surreally) and comfortably stationed in a modern-tangerine-and-coffee-colored work space. When I look up from my rolling leather office chair, I visually inhale floating, spherical lanterns, illuminating the room as if I were walking into a futuristic Zen meditation solarium- something that I could have extracted from a center spread in an Ikea magazine. These intricate details are important because it is an immediate visual symbol to what I associated with one of the dominating themes of this company: Modern innovation, pulling from so many creative avenues to maintain a strong position in this competitive field. Actually, one of the most highly sought after things in the world aren’t golden treasure chests or tropical islands in your backyard, it’s the number one spot in a search engine’s results. Truth.

This week, one distinct concept that boggled my mind is how Twitter is such a crucial ingredient to the blending of flavors and practices at Search-Mojo. If you tweeted…or twatted…(?) more times than you can count on one hand today, then you must have a taste of TweetDeck, “a personal real-time browser, connecting you with your contacts” across social networking websites. Disclaimer: It is totally possible for TweetDeck to consume your digital life away, but in a positive way.

Twitter has revolutionized the methods of social networking and staying connected with friends- personal and professional. I spoke with Janet about how in her experience, this media invention helped alleviate the nervousness of meeting professionals in the SEO field. Through tweets about being proud to have finished a 10K marathon or to have cooked a divine Chicken Marsala that day, one can get to know the professionals in their field in a more personal level, with the ease of conversation that may follow. Twitter made it socially acceptable for one to mention that they “saw your tweet” two hours ago and won’t be considered creepy. Twitter created networking opportunities by connecting people who wish to discuss topics of the same nature. Twitter has become a method of discovering breaking news in countries all across the world. Some may say that Twitter forces us to lose a sense of traditional in-person interaction and rely too heavily on the 140 characters to converse. Way back when, people used to write chain letters to keep in touch – but now people use e-mail, the invention that allows for instantaneous communication. Bonus: No postage is needed. Twitter was another trigger that contributed toward the movement to increase personal connections and social network building. As a once Tweeting-Skepticist, I believe this is a current invention that has and will continue to positively change the methods of interaction in our society.

Thus, this first week served me a light appetizer of “Meet and get to know the dynamic staff of young successful professionals”, presented me an overwhelming entrée of “Learn every SEO acronym, term, and process known to Mankind” and finally handed me the sweet eye-opening dish of “The culture of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, FriendFeed and GoogleBuzz”. There is a plethora of information to devour, and I have only begun exploring and learning about the important aspects of SEO.

Cheers to Friday and to me- the company’s summer intern who survived her first week at Search Mojo, the Generation Next in Search Engine Optimization.

Until next week.

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