Is TwitterPeek This Year's Tickle Me Elmo?

By Avelyn Austin | Nov 3, 2009
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Peek just released TwitterPeek, the first “Twitter-only” deviceTwitterPeek (shown to the right) is roughly the size of a Palm Pilot or smart phone, but is used solely for the purpose of sending and receiving tweets!  The TwitterPeek ImageTwitterPeek may be purchased on for $99 which includes the device plus 6 months of nationwide wireless.  Peek is claiming that with no contract you will be allowed unlimited tweets and instant tweet delivery.  If 6 months isn’t enough time for you to get your tweet on, Peek is also offering the TwitterPeek device plus a lifetime service plan for only $199!  So what do you think?  Will the new TwitterPeek be this year’s Tickle Me Elmo?

3 Reasons Why TwitterPeek Won’t Be This Year’s Tickle Me Elmo:

  1. No Search Capability:
    Want to use Twitter to find out what consumers are saying about your brand and/ or products?  Sorry, the TwitterPeek doesn’t have a Twitter search feature.  Unless the tweet is directed to you or your company’s twitter profile (for example: D searchmojo or @searchmojo) you won’t be able to see the tweet.  This also means that you won’t be able to follow hashtag (#) conversations either.
  2. No Browser:
    Twitter is a great way to spread news and for that reason tweets often include hyperlinks to the “full story”.  Although the TwitterPeek allows you to see a preview of the web page the link points to, it won’t allow you to see the full page.  So you’re basically out of luck with hyperlinks using the TweeterPeek. And finally,
  3. It’s Only Twitter:
    TwitterPeek is “The World’s First Dedicated Twitter Device”.  It sounds great that it’s “dedicated”, but how many devices can the average Twitter user carry at a time!?  Why use a TweeterPeek when you can use a smart phone that has a Twitter application that allows you to send and receive tweets, search on the web, send and receive email, talk on the phone, and so much more?

Only time will tell if the TweeterPeek is this year’s Tickle Me Elmo, but in my mind it’s bound to fall short.  What are your thoughts on the TweeterPeek?

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