The Landing Page Lookbook: The Guide to Optimization Best Practices and Case Studies

By Kari Rippetoe | Mar 20, 2014
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So, what is a “lookbook,” anyway? Basically, a lookbook is like a guide that shows you different “looks” that are representative of something – like a design collection or trend – and how to put them together. Fashion magazines frequently publish lookbooks to show the trends of the upcoming season, fashion and interior designers may use them to show off their latest collections. And, in this particular case, we’ve taken the concept of the lookbook to show off landing pages we’ve designed for our clients, and how we optimized them.

Landing Page LookbookThe Marketing Mojo Landing Page Lookbook will show you:

  • 5 landing page case studies from a variety of companies, including before and after visuals.
  • How each landing page was optimized, and the results of the optimization experiments.
  • A list of useful tips and best practices for optimizing your landing pages.

How can you get that well-optimized landing page look?

Get your copy of The Landing Page Lookbook here, and if you’d like to hear the stories behind any of the featured landing pages, watch the webinar The Secrets of Landing Page Success: Optimization Best Practices and Case Studies, available on-demand!

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