Learn How to Love Pay-Per-Click Advertising Again

By Kari Rippetoe | Jun 11, 2014
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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and I, we go way back. I managed campaigns back when AdWords was first launched, and in the days when Yahoo had its own search advertising platform (before that even, when there was a little platform called GoTo, which became Overture, which was bought by Yahoo, which…well, you know the rest).

That was back in the day, when costs per click (CPCs) were a penny. If they started to get too much over $1.00, then things got costly. How old do I sound? It’s like reminiscing about the days when gas was less than 2 bucks a gallon.


Nope, you’re never going to see this again, just like you’ll never see cheap keyword CPCs again. According to a recent report by Kenshoo, CPCs increased by 6% in 2013. They only continue to increase, with some keyword segments costing as much as $54 per click on Google.

If you’re a marketer in a highly competitive industry who pays upwards of $60 per click on keyword advertising, you may think that you’re playing a losing game. Well, the bad news is that keyword advertising may never be a profitable channel for you. High CPCs will almost always mean even higher costs per lead, since not every click will necessarily convert. Couple that with vague search intent on many high volume keywords, and you get expensive, low-quality leads.

Is There Hope?

Yes, there is good news. Retargeting, contextual search ads, and social media advertising can all be the lower cost solutions to your paid search woes. If you’re tired of paying too much at the paid search pump, join me and Marketing Mojo’s Tad Miller and Amanda Sides as they explore these solutions during the webinar Is Paid Search Failing You?, tomorrow at 2pm ET. You’ll learn:

  • How social media advertising can be utilized as a viable marketing channel
  • What other opportunities exist within Google AdWords, beyond standard keyword-triggered search advertising
  • How retargeting can win back lost visitors and opportunities

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