Lessons I’ve Learned in My First Year at a Digital Marketing Agency

By Regan Bourn | Jun 25, 2018
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With just over a year under my belt in the agency world, I can already say that I have experienced the roller-coaster of ups and downs that come with this job. Through trial and error, long bouts of confusion, and constant learning, I have learned many lessons that I will be taking with me as I move into year two of agency life.

It Won’t Be Easy, But It Is Worth It

Working for an agency right out of college can be very difficult. Juggling multiple client projects and working to meet deadlines, all while still trying to learn and develop your new-found skills, is hard to maintain. Although it’s not easy, it has taught me and continues to teach me, that every part, even the hardest and most confusing moments of this job, are 100% worth it.

Not only are you moving into a whole new life experience, but you are thrown into several projects, learning new programs and more, all with the expectation to immediately jump in and take charge. Because of this, you will run into challenges, it is inevitable, but the amount you will learn from working for an agency will bring out so much more confidence in yourself and teach you more than you could ever learn from working in-house. Being part of a digital marketing agency lets you experience every aspect of the field, you are forever able to dig your heels into platforms and materials that you would never have experienced – and all the trials and tribulations along the way are worth it.

Be Innovative and Take Initiative

It can sometimes be scary to speak your mind on the ideas that you have for your team and your clients. What if your decision isn’t the “right” one? Don’t be scared to jump in and voice your opinions. The only way to truly learn in this industry is to speak up and heed guidance from your peers. There will not always be enough data to formulate a confident decision, and with the lack of experience that comes from your first year in digital marketing, you need to be thoughtful, analyze situations the best you can, and take charge. Not every answer right, but how do you plan on learning those right answers without knowing what is wrong?

Be a Self-Learner

Being a self-learner is one of the most important qualities to have, not only as a digital marketer but for growth in any career. Since I first entered the digital marketing industry I have found it extremely helpful to read industry blogs and publications. Possessing the skill of learning how to teach yourself will help you to stay up-to-date with all the changes in this fast-paced digital marketing industry. It also helps to maintain your job skills, and could have you working and understanding at a higher level.

Be A Sponge

Always be taking notes and asking questions. Since my first day at Marketing Mojo I have told myself to always have a pen and paper in hand. So, in every meeting you can find me with a pen in hand or on my laptop typing away. Although the industry is always changing, and one thing today might not be the same tomorrow, you never want to forget anything when it comes to current processes, client tasks and so on. You need to be a sponge; to absorb all the information you can and, if necessary, be able to refer back to that information.

With the many lessons I have learn in the last twelve months, I cannot wait to see what this upcoming year has in store. Working for a digital marketing agency right out of college was the best decision I could have made and has made my passion for the industry grow even more than I ever could have expected.

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