Live from #ConvCon Chicago 2014 – Marketing Apps: The Next Must-Have Weapon in Your Conversion Arsenal

By Jenny Knizner | Jun 18, 2014
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Susan DelzPresented by Susan Delz from ion interactive.

The session started by focusing more broadly on content marketing in general.

93% of marketers are focused on content marketing

Content marketing is going to continue to be important/essential to use, and marketers believe it is going to remain influential to the buying cycle. As a result, marketers intend to dedicate increasing funds to content marketing, meaning the landscape is becoming even more competitive.

The goals of content marketing:

  1. Educate our prospects
  2. Differentiate our company
  3. Convert prospects into leads
  4. Inspire social sharing

Challenges with Content Marketing

  1. Cacophony of content
  2. Burden on the audience
  3. Talking to the prospect
  4. Tired conversion tactics

Waves of Content Marketing

  1. Web pages (the foundation of digital content marketing): These eventually became formulaic, so we abandoned those for the next best thing:
  2. Rich content (infographics, webinars, video): The drawback is that rich content consumption is aspirational. For example, the average webinar registrant to attendee conversion rate being only 42.9%. Next content marketing bandwagon:
  3. Personalization (dynamically substituted content based on visitors profile): The drawback here is that personalization is based mostly on assumptions.The problem with the first 3 waves is that they are mostly passive. In comes the 4th wave:

Marketing Apps

So what are marketing apps? Interactive experiences with programmatic flow and logic. Now what does a marketing app have that a traditional landing page does not? Here are a few examples:

  • A calculator app allows you to give away pricing information while creating a more engaged buyer.
  • A configurator app helps to create an extremely qualified lead by providing very targeted information for the user by asking a series of questions.
  • A fun quiz can make new information more interesting.

So how does interactive content stack up against passive content? Marketers believe interactive content is 70% effective versus 36% effectiveness for passive content.

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