Live from ConvCon Chicago 2013: Leveraging the Power of Confirmation Pages

By Jenny Knizner | Jun 12, 2013
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Leveraging the Power of Confirmation Pages
Josh Krafchin, Founder of CleverZebo presents After the Conversion: Leveraging the Power of Confirmation Pages

Confirmation pages or thank you pages are underutilized. Although you should be thanking your visitor for taking the conversion action, you should be doing more. Try these improvements:

Upsell or Cross Sell (Remind them of the awesome thing they got [visually])
The sale doesn’t die after a purchase or signup. Try displaying items similar to what you’ve already purchased.

Thank You Very Much
Give the customer something special to say thank you that will encourage people to take another action. For example, provide a discount on their next purchase.

Social Sharing (Be shareable)
Use social sharing widgets. Make sure your sharing messaging is enticing.

Keep Informing (Keep the education going)
Provide relevant related content, especially deep content that may not have been viewed.

Explain What’s Next
Thank you pages are great tools for soliciting feedback. They are also a good place to provide information that would be included in a followup email, such as clear instructions for how to use the product.

Go Above and Beyond (Avoid buyer remorse: include trust seals, testimonials, etc.)
Use technology to decrease form fill errors. Provide social proof and case studies to create more confidence. If you use a reward point system with ecommerce, display the reward balance.

A quick list of elements to include:

  • Give a reference number
  • Include a map
  • Inform when the confirm email will come through
  • Make sure links work
  • Break down the process
  • Use a clear visual hierarchy
  • Give contact info
  • Make the page printable in one page

Keep working on your confirmation pages and get more out of them with the above strategies.

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