Live from ConvCon Chicago 2013: Organic Conversions – Conversion Strategies for SEO Traffic

By Jenny Knizner | Jun 11, 2013
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Angie Schottmuller of Three Deep Marketing addresses optimizing your content for SEO traffic. She begins with a few facts:

For every $92 spent acquiring customers, only $1 is spent on CRO
Organic search is still the #1 traffic source

SEO CRO is optimizing content to be the best answer for the traffic source, and here are the ways to do that:

1. Derive content from user goals and FAQs
First big step is asking what is the goal of my visitor. Those will become your keywords. Stop thinking what pages do I have, think what answers do I have.

2. Define a clear purpose for every page
Use this short checklist of elements to consider when creating your page

  • Purpose
  • Call-to-Action
  • User segment and goal
  • Goal completion action/metric
  • Targeted Keywords

3. Embrace Common Optimization Factors
Top factors include: relevance, authority, CTA, usability

4. Assess SEO conversion Funnel Opportunity

SEO Conversion Funnel

Audit each level
What are your bottle-necks? What content needs help?
what content is doing well? Why?

5. Optimize Organic Search Snippets
This is your opportunity to present your most engaging content, take advantage of that by making them action oriented. Headlines are still important, make them succinct.
Utilize Rich Snippets.

6. Optimize Organic Search Snippets
Leverage Star ratings and reviews and utilize breadcrumbs links. Add anchor links to page use these in your meta description.

7. Maintain Organic Ad to Entry Page “Scent”
Don’t use special characters in title tags.
Match title tag to heading.
Make Rich Snippets highly visible or if they are below the fold, add jump to reviews link at top of the page.

Trick: Dynamically Update Content Based on Referrer
Carousels tend to kill conversions, so make the image default based on keyword searched and make the image stick for 15-20 seconds
Feature related content or suggestions
Change local phone number based on geoIP
Use keywords to add a badge to product images

8. Improve Page Load Time
Average page load time is 5 seconds (3.5x) slower than users expect.
1 second load delay can cause a 7% decrease in conversion.
Load times impacts all aspects of the customer experience.

9. Anticipate Top Actions of Search Visitors
95% of mobile users search for local business info.
Make sure those actions are at the top of the page (within top 200px).
Style buttons using CSS3 (no images).
Use Click-to-Call (CTC) links as buttons.

10. Get Visual – Optimize Images
Search engines love images, they will add authority and engines will prioritize your pages.
Photos draw eye contact, in turn they will draw clicks.

90% of online shoppers say video would help their buying decision, but only 24% of national brands use video marketing. You don’t have to create academy award winning video, raw video will work too. Explainer videos boost conversion by 20% on average. Be sure to test video thumbnail images.

11. Localize!
All you need to include is a local area phone number and address. Use photos of people that your visitors might recognize.

12. Audit Impact in Analytics
Rank: Audit match of tracked keywords to ranking pages in SEO reports.
Click-through: Audit match of referring keywords to landing page in web analytics.
Stick: Audit bounce rate of organic traffic landing pages in web analytics.

Your key take-away: SEO and CRO are the ultimate ROI power play. Prioritize tactices that serve both objectives.

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