Live from Demand Success Conference: Brand Journalism

By Alex Katzen | Jun 21, 2013
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Working to make the complex more simple, Ike Pigott, communicator Alabama Power and blogger at Occam’s Razr, presents the session Brand Journalism at Day 2 of the Vocus Demand Success Conference.

What is it?

  • Storytelling: Reporters are asked to do more and it’s disrupting their work. Take time to create stories to humanize the organization.
  • Embedded: If you can’t rely on natural media then you need to embed the same skill sets in journalism.
  • Neutral point of view: It’s more believable and therefore, more acceptable.

Brand journalism is not:

  • Puffery
  • A Boilerplate
  • Content marketing

Here are some of the key points Ike discussed in his session:

  • Companies need to do more to get the news interested. Provide content that can be shared. Feature your employees online. They are doing good things so share it. Tell that story.
  • Get buy-in with one funnel of all the stories coming in. Most of these stories should be multi-channel and multi-formatted. Have a platform. For larger businesses, it can be hard to change so have the right platform to do the job you need to do.
  • Have a strategy with internal education, social tendrils, and analytics.
  • Recognize that it’s time to break the silos. Develop these stories on the front end. Also develop things on the backend so all efforts are aligned. It’s more than just creating a news release.
  • Create new job descriptions for employees to create the content like scouts, drafters, polishers, and producers. WordPress is a great site that allows multiple users to sign in.
  • Develop these roles as progressive roles. So many companies treat their website like a project. Instead, treat it like slow iterations.
  • If you’re going to demand success, you must demand results. You have to have the data to improve it so get measurements.

Jump on the brand journalism wagon and check out Ike Pigott’s tweets.

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