Live from MarketingProfs B2B: Content Marketing In The Age of Crap

By Sarah Wyland | Oct 11, 2013
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All brands like attention. In an age when everyone is saying ‘look at me!’, a steady stream of content from your brand isn’t enough anymore. You must deliver intelligent, entertaining content that people – your customers – want to share.

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Doug Kessler – Co-founder, Creative Director, Velocity Partners  

As content marketing goes mainstream, it stops conferring advantage. A year or two ago, just doing content marketing was a big deal. Even average stuff did pretty well. But as it goes mainstream, it’s getting harder and harder to do. “The single biggest threat to content marketing is itself,” Doug said.

Great content brands are built in home run pieces. These are the pieces that get shared and shared again and then shared by the people who shared. In other words, these are the pieces that go viral and get people talking.

But why should you hit a home run with your content, especially if you’re turning out good content consistently? Home run pieces:

  • Earn disproportionate goodies
  • Improve the performance of all other content
  • Free you from the tyranny of search
  • Gives you a shot at overcoming your biggest obstacle

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So how do you produce home run content? Doug has seven tips:

  1. Swing for the fences
  2. Become a student of home runs
  3. Steal shamelessly
  4. Steal from far away
  5. Steal the right things
  6. Steal from people who know what they’re doing
  7. Put your swag to work

When Doug says ‘steal,’ he isn’t promoting plagiarism. Look at what is working for competitors and model your content in that manner, but make sure those competitors are ‘far away’ in some regard and only steal the things that work for you. If an infographic went big for a competitor, that doesn’t mean it will work well for you.

Another tip from Doug is to do what scares you. If there is a big idea in a brainstorming meeting that makes your skin crawl, consider going with it or at least a variation of it. Those tend to be the things that ultimately perform the best. So go for it. Home runs = Head X Heart.

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