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By Justin Champion | Jun 15, 2011
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It’s the final day at MarketingProfs B2b in Boston, MA. Search Mojo’s Senior Account Manager, Amanda Chaney, and VP of Marketing for ScienceLogic, Julia Lim, A long term Search Mojo client,  are presenting on ad extensions through Google pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Ad Extension updates

If you’re already using Google PPC, you might want to consider using ad extensions to help your ads not only stand out more, but also take them to the next level.

There are three types of ad extensions that are B2b appropriate:

  1. Product extensions (limited release)
  2. Call Metrics (limited release)
  3. Ad sitelinks (the only one that’s available to everybody)

To access limited release extensions, refer to Google Ad Innovations.

Product extensions

  • Link Google merchant center and Google AdWords
  • Provide additional information with your ads regarding specific products

“Add a product type to help out,” Chaney says.

Tips: Best use of Wroduct extensions

  • Ensure you have images for all products
  • Once merchant center is connected to adwords, you cannot control individual products showing/not showing
  • Google will show most relevant products to search query

Pros and Cons of Product Extensions


  • Images help improve ad visibility
  • Use data feed for google shopping
  • Improve lead quality


  • Have to have images for every product
  • Google decides which products to show

Call Extensions: Call Metrics

  • Adds phone numbers to add
  • Tracks call information in adwords
  • Great for organizations with inside sales or telesales
  • Google will re-open phone extensions soon (late june)
  • Fee per call ($1/call as of june 14, 2011)

Call Metrics: Campaign Reporting

  • By campaign
  • How many calls
  • How many missed
  • Duration of each call

If you are currently using call metrics, it will erase all of your data starting as of yesterday. So if you still have it, then export it.

Pros and Cons of Call Metrics


  • Great for measuring calls from adwords
  • Many people will prefer to simply call vs. fill out forms
  • Further insight into types of ad respondents that paid search generates


  • Can bring in calls that are not sales calls
  • Can cannibalize clicks and/or conversions
  • Timing of when ads are live and inside sales’ hours
  • Could be charged for a call and if someone also clicks

Ad Extensions: Ad Sitelinks

  • Provides way to extend ad
  • Up to four additional links on the ad
  • Shows for ads that appear above organic results
  • Need a 7/10 quality score minimum to show

Sitelinks and Landing Pages

  • Ideally have landing page for each sitelink
  • Helps ensure there’s a clear conversion path
  • Key to ensure greater conversion

Pros and Cons of Sitelinks


on average, advertisers who use ad sitelinks have seen their ad clickthrough rate go up by 30%

  • Extend visibility
  • Extend links for broader keyword terms
  • Great for seasonal offers or sales
  • Increase CTR


  • Adwords tracking is limited
  • Can’t edit or pause ad sitelinks once added

Advanced Reporting Options


Custom URL tagging

  • Create custom parameters for ad sitelinks URLs

Combination: ValueTrack and custom tagging

  • More insight into searcher activity and engagement

Case Study: ScienceLogic

ScienceLogic: Reliable and scalable IT infrastructure management software solutions (Very broad products with very specific solutions)
VP Marketing since 2005–Julia Lim


Big 4- HP, IBM, CA, BMC

  • Large ad budgets

AdWords challenges –Solutions

Claiming real estate to be found within Google ads (a cheaper more efficient solution).


  • Competition
  • Broad products with very specific solutions

Julia explains how “Sitelinks help us overcome these challenges but creates more work for us to measure effectiveness and value.”

Solutions: Ad Extenstions

Why sitelinks?

  • Gets people to specific information quickly
  • Core value of an integrated product–what else does EM7 do around what I’m looking for?
  • More real estate

Why Phone Extensions?

  • Immediate engagement
  • High value proposition

Sitelinks Before and After

Reporting and ROI: Measurement

  • Contribution to pipeline
  • Effectiveness of marketing campaigns–beyond PPC and sitelinks
  • Tracking prospect behavior
  • Lead scoring

Next Steps

  • Utilize ad extensions to make your ads stand out more
  • Test call metrics and see if it’s right for you

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