Live from MarketingProfs B2B: Trailblazing Content Case Studies

By Kari Rippetoe | Oct 4, 2012
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Content marketing is the new black. But you may be surprised to hear that 90% of marketers are already doing some kind of content marketing. It really isn’t new, we just didn’t know we were doing it.  It’s just become more of a channel unto itself in the last few years. And in fact, 54% of marketers are increasing their content marketing budgets.

Lindsay Keller live-blogged in her recent MarketingProfs B2B post about moving from the “Why?” to the “How?” of content marketing.  I attended a panel discussion featuring content marketing case studies from:

  • Amanda Maksymiw, Content Marketing Manager, Lattice Engines (@amandamaks)
  • Gradon Tripp, Community Manager, Citizen’s Bank and CharterOne (@gradontripp)
  • Rob Yoegel, Content Marketing Director, Monetate (@RobYoegel)

Corey O’Loughlin of MarketingProfs moderated the panel, asking each panelist about their content marketing challenges and solutions, successes and flops, and tools and ideas.

Question: What was your biggest content marketing challenge?

  • Amanda: Lots of competitors, developing Lattice as a thought-leader, getting everyone in the company on-board with creating content.
  • Gradon: Biggest challenge as a bank was how they can we use content marketing, not to make them the biggest, but to make them the best regional bank.
  • Rob: Understanding the industry they were trying to cover. You can’t write good content without having knowledge of your industry and audience. Their challenge was the learning curve for the team in writing effectively for their customers.

Question: How did you overcome those challenges?

  • Amanda: Have the person in charge explain the importance of content marketing to the organization, and the goals tied to content marketing – i.e employees contributing a certain number of blog posts per month.
  • Gradon: According to him, “We’re a bank, we’re boring. How are we providing content that is valuable to our customers?” They reached out to customers and asked what they wanted from their banking relationship, then packaged into different types of content.
  • Rob: Leveraging internal and external resources. It’s not one person’s job or two or 3 – it’s the entire organization. Look internally and use those resources. Externally, they leverage their influencer community and develop personas.

Question: What was your favorite content marketing execution?

  • Rob: Infographics. They did a Pinterest infographic and got it on Mashable, which resulted in 15,000 shares. They also have an app that contains their content marketing resources.
  • Gradon: Their webinar series was the first iteration of using third-party knowledge. When dealing with busy business owners and CFOs, webinars help with nurturing.
  • Amanda: They created a content site designed to be the go-to resource for senior managers at growing tech companies. It contained internal and external content, and resulted in a 600% increase in traffic over a year, not to mention inbound links and thought-leadership.

Question: What was your biggest content marketing flop?

  • Rob: Short video that took a long time to create and didn’t generate a lot of traffic.
  • Gradon: Not talking in their voice. Their social program was speaking in a funny, more irreverant voice, wasn’t striking the right chord.
  • Amanda: Creating too much content. They sent 2 newsletters a week that produced a lift in traffic at first, but then started to drop off. When they removed the second newsletter, traffic bounced back up. Lesson: control how much content you’re sharing.

Question: What has your audience taught you?

  • Amanda: End of the day, you have to stay true to your personas so you know how they want to consume and share your content.
  • Gradon: Knowing and finding your voice. Your audience will tell you what they like and what they don’t like. You have to know when to pull back.
  • Rob: There’s a difference between hearing and listening. Listen to your audience about their pain points and what they want. Get involved in a dialogue with your prospects and customers.

What are your content marketing favorites and flops? Share them in the comments below or talk to me on Twitter: @karirippetoe

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