Live from Optimization Summit: "Analytics for Fun and Profit"

By Mark Browner | Jun 2, 2011
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Matt Bailey, founder and president of SiteLogic, discussed using Analytics to make decisions. He talked about how data needs to be as complex as possible in order to make informed decisions.

“When data is simple, you cant take action. Your not measuring the right things, all you are doing is reporting what is safe.”

Define Goals

The first thing you must do is define your goals. The long term goal is to make money; you make money by selling stuff and you sell stuff through visitors. They get the product, you get the money, everyone is happy. The simpler the goals are, the easier they are to understand and implement. Every test that occurs must follow those goals. Analytics follows and measures the goals that you have set for the website. You need to figure out what your vistors intents are and must determine the value of lead. It all comes down to value, so values must be put into Analytics. Some words may not have good rankings but they can bring in a lot of value. Go after the words that bring you money.


Segment to find out what kind of people are looking at the website. Find out who is coming to website, what they are looking for and what they accomplish. This helps you understand who you are going to target and figure out what search terms they are going to use. The more complex your data is, the more you will able to understand behavior of your customers.

“Good analysts are not satisfied with the numbers they find. They want to know why”

Setting up segments in Analytics is critical to building context. Context tells a story; the more you build context, the more you can tell a story about a group of people that are looking for something in particular. You can find the factors that affect your conversion for these segments of people and make decisions based on that. You want to bring in more and more data so that you can draw comparisons. The more data points that you are comparing, the more relationships you can get out of that. You can find which words are more valuable than others. You need to compare to understand what is happening.

“Don’t be afraid of data”

When you measure by value, you are able to come up with very specific recommendations on what needs to happen. You can look at each page of the site and see which pages contribute to value the most and which pages do not contribute value. You can then do comparisons and make actionable decisions.

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